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Just BOught a Daimler Six - A few Questions!

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Just Bought a Daimler Six - A few Questions!

Well I flew down to England today to see the Daimler I put a deposit on and I fell in love with it instantly. Despite various facts:

I can't figure out where the CD player is,
I can't figure out how to open the glove box,
There's a knack to opening the rear passenger door,
It needs a new windscreen wiper,
It needs a battery for the car remote,
The spare wheel isn't secured and bumps around,
The radio doesn't work (annoying as I have to drive it about 700 miles in silence. I'll just have to sing.),
The fluid that dims the central mirror has leaked and permanently dimmed it,
And it's sounding a little bit unhappy at low revs,

Well it was never about being sensible was it?

So, first questions - how do I open the glovebox!? I want to check the manual out and see if there's a CD player in there!
Also, where are the fuses? I want to see if the CD is down to a fuse issue.
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Can't help with much as I don't have that model.
Have you checked the boot for the CD changer? Most are located there. Mine (although an S-Type) is behind a pull down flap on the left side.
Hi Dave,

Yes I've looked in the boot and was quite surprised to not see one in there. Unless it's very hidden... the V8 I had had a rather noticeable bulge in the boot to the passenger side and a little flap that hid the player, but the boot is symmetrical in the Six. I'm sure there is one as there's a button on the radio player to switch to it. The radio looks after-market though so I'm wondering if they've whacked the player in the glove box. As mentioned however, I can't figure out how to get into the glove box. I thought it might be a sort of push-it-in then it clicks open thing but I tried that on both the top and bottom of what looks like the face of it, and it moves like it's a flap but it doesn't open. I can't really see any other way of opening it as there's no noticeable button/handle or anything.
The only other place I've know a CD player to be is under the passenger seat.
Ok, just did a bit of Googling and apparently there isn't a glove box. Interesting!

I wonder where the owner's manual, fuse box and CD changer are...!
If you can't see the 6xCD player then it has been removed. It should be in the boot, under the rear window. You should also see beside it an amplifier (Harmon Kardon) as I think the premium sound system was standard on the Daimler X300s. If you have an after market head unit then it's likely that the rest of the system was removed.

There are 5 fuse boxes. 2 under the bonnet on inner wings each side, 2 in the rear footwells, 1 in the boot beside the battery.

Hope this helps.
Nice one thanks.

I was maybe just looking in the wrong place. I'll go through it again in the morning, check coolant and oil whilst I'm at it. Any idea where the fuse for the sound system would be?

Overall I'm fairly chuffed with the car. Very, very little rust - you're hard pushed to find any. Gearbox seems fine, and the engine has mostly behaved itself. The little issues are a pain though.
Checked the fuses and they're fine. Wondering if it's some relays have gone. Oh well, it'll just have to wait until I get it to the mechanic.
Sorry to bump my own thread - anyone know how to operate the picnic tables? Another thing I can't figure out. I don't want to force them.
Pull out and up at the bottom of the wood, and then rotate the table down. There are no catches on them, just stiff hinges as they never, ever get used.
Cheers, I'll invest in some more WD40 and see if I can loosen them a bit.
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