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Knocking from the N/S/R

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I have just started to get the occasional knock / bang from the N/S/R. Its worst when going quickly around a left hand bend although going over bumps or potholes will sometimes do it. It sounds like the exhaust knocking on the chassis, but its not. I have read on here that there is a stock fault of a bush that needs replacement. Can anyone tell me what bush it may be, and can I replace the bush or will the hole whatever it is need replacing?
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It could be a front control arm (that's front of rear hub), that's a favourite!
They look like this
Genuine Jaguar X-Type Rear Suspension Control Arm C2S50863 | eBay

I had one go last week and I burnt out a pair of rear tyres as one wheel toed out massively and dragged the other along with it.

They aren't that hard to change providing the bolts aren't seized.

You need to remove the wheel to check these, like written, they are to bolted to the front of the rear hub and to the chassis.
Often jacking up and rocking the wheel will show up some play.
The inner rose jointed bush (the longer bush) usually gives up the ghost first.

The Anti roll bar can knock as well, the bar can rattle or double knock over bumps and the droplinks at either end can bang about, also the round retaining lumps welded to the bar next to the bushes can break off, this will let the bar slide through the bushes and clatter.
Worth checking, grab the bar and try rattling it in the bushes, check the round retainers next to the bushes, that they're still there!! And the droplinks are tight, try all this with the wheels on the ground, so crawl under.
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Thanks Goudy for a quick and very knowledgeable reply.
That's what was wrong with mine same symptoms, but I only found it with the wheel on. Jacked up, hands at 12 & 6 on the tyre and get someone to look under see if it moves (rose bush) like Goudy says. Lucky if it took 10 mins to change ok I had a windy gun, so might be longer without 1.
Had it up on the lift today, looked at it with the MOT guy at work he can't find anything wrong, he has pulled and pushed everything levered stuff with a tyre leaver and nothing. Even checked the wheel nuts !
Empty the boot everything out then take it for a drive, even better if ya can get someone in the boot or get someone to drive while ur in it. Then see (hear) if you can hear where the noise is coming from. That's what I did with mine and still couldn't find where it was, but like I said it was the arm Goudy said it was, took us ages to see any movement, we had almost given up and it was more luck than anything that we found the culprit arm that was faulty.
Did he do it with the wheels off the ground ?
Yes he tested everything with the wheel up and down. Funny thing it was fine on the way home from work - nothing. He said wait until it gets worst then we can have another look. I don't want to change the arm unless I can see it has a problem. Did give everything a soak in WD40 just in case.
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