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Knocking Noise Not What I Expected

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I took my car to my mates garage last week to get him to confirm that the knocking sound I could hear were just some worn drop links. However after a thorough check all round the suspension everything was all nice and tight.

It now looks as though the knocking is actually a very worn bearing at the front of the prop shaft, just as it comes off of the gear box. I asked him to find a price for a replacement bearing, so he phoned around and he was told that the whole shaft needs changing, you cant just buy the bearing anymore as its been modified to fix this problem. The price quoted was £300+VAT which I could do without at the moment.

So my question is this, can replacement bearings be sourced from anywhere or am I going to need to pay a visit to a breakers to get one?


2001 X type 3.0 Sport
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This sounds like what happened to my car. Is it the bearing that the prop connects to at the transfer box? The output shaft? I was going to buy a replacement one off ebay for 90 quid, but i found a whole transfer box for 100 so got that instead. If the bearing is that bad, its pretty much drained most, if not all, of the transfer box oil. No oil in the box means chewed gears, so damage would have to be inspected. Please try to confirm if this is the part thats definatly gone. My output shaft had a serious amount of play and the prop wasn't far off falling off!

If you mean the central support doughnut, i'm aware the whole prop has to be changed, but, i believe if it went in it can come off, and be renewed without having to replace the whole prop and the bearings changed. The prop should separate one way or another.

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I've not heard of this part failing before, doesn't mean it cant happen tho. Like i said it was put together somehow so that means it must be able to come off, guessing its on a spline, although its getting the part available separately which could be the difficult part. Try calling your local jag dealer to see if this can be sold separately, failing that, a local scrap yard may be able to help.
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