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Laser wheel alignment, just how accurate should it be?

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X150, 2006 manufacture

I was recently advised to have my tracking checked due to scrubbing on the near side tyre inner tread.

I took the car to Eden Tyres, Beeston branch as the company has a laser set up, The Hunter Hawkeye made by Hunter Engineering Co.

I’m not sure that I have received the best adjustments but have no way of checking if they are acceptable or not. I downloaded the Jaguar suspension system data, but frankly it's like a foreign language.

I am disquieted by the fact that the laser system still shows red warnings even after adjustment. Have I wasted my money? Should I be concerned? Where should I take my car for a better service?

Can you reassure me at all?

The images show the before and after results for front and rear tyres.

Many thanks for your help on this.


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Not everything is adjustable so the things that stay red may simply be unfixable without bushes etc. I think I have something permanently red on mine. Not a biggie provides it’s still close to spec. Some settings are more important than others.
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Hunter alignment equipment's good stuff. If you're worried I'd take it back, ideally at a quiet time and see if they can't explain and or put it back on for a recheck.
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The operator seems to have only adjusted the toe settings to just about get it into spec. One could do better! These machines are only as good as the operators using them and the effort they put in to making the necessary adjustments :(
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Sounds a bit like my experience. The ‘expert’ didn’t know front caster was adjustable and didn’t want to recheck it.
I should have insisted it was checked again.
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