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Leaking alloy wheel

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I've come to the conclusion that one of my alloys is leaking, rather than the tyre. I've now had three tyres, over a period of time, on the same wheel, and out of all 4 wheels, it's always the same wheel where the tyre needs pumping back up to correct pressure every couple of weeks, all the other tyres seem to hold fairly consistent pressure.

It's a standard 17inch alloy on a 2004 SE 2.0D, I'm not sure what the name of the wheel is (would be interesting to find this out too if anyone knows, incase I need to source a replacement), but I'm wondering if others have experienced similar problems, and what the best solution is.
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Have you tried dripped the wheel in water, most tyre places can do this, see if and where it's leaking.

I presume the valve has been changed each time, sometimes you can get grit in it and it'll slowly leak.

I have a wheel on another car that slowly leaked around the rim, where the tyre bead fitted was a little corroded, kept having to wire brush the flacky shi'te off and use a bead sealer, Prem do a sealer that just paints on TYRE BEAD SEALER at AP-Tech

Hard to tell what wheels you have, but mines a 2004 SE 2.0D and have 17" Caymans, might be worth replacing the wheel altogether
17" Cayman Alloy Wheel & Tyre - 225/45/R17 - X-Type Parts
Thanks very much for that advice, and yes the link to the Cayman alloy is identical to my wheel so that'll make my job of replacing the wheel a lot easier, if necessary.
I had this on the 18" Aruba alloys. The tyre company pointed out that the wheel had been welded across a crack and it was leaking through the weld. The wheel refurb company I went to for a replacement told me that they get quite a few Jag wheels in with cracks. Now a pothole has damaged the replacement!
I've got exactly the same problem with one of my wheels, but not sure if it a crack or not as I broke the locking wheel nut key trying to take the wheeel off! Still thanks to this forum I have managed to source a replacement key. :)
Sounds like a crack. If you get someone to weld it properly, it should be fine. One of mine had a crack in it and I got it welded for £50. That was the begining of last year. Still has the same tyre on it and never leaks.
All my Aruba's leaked until I had them refurbished.
Had this problem with one of the alloys on my Ford, tyre pressure low after about 3/4 weeks. Had the bead seal on the wheel thoroughly cleaned up the tyre refitted and a new valve but still leaked. Finally succumbed to using a tyre sealer canister meant for punctures and after a while a thin bead of hardened foam found its way out from around the rim of the wheel in various places. This actually cured the problem so I left it in situ.
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