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A weird thing happened last night when i got in to work about 5pm.

My auto lights came on on the way in to work at about 4.45pm not that dark but very overcast, didn't think twice about them as they usually come on in bad light conditions etc. When i parked up in staff car park turned ignition off and went to get out and as i opened the door the lights on warning activated, first time this had worked in the three months I've owned the car. Now the auto lights are on the 10 second setting. but after 10 seconds the lights hadn't gone off and the lights on warning was still going so i checke the headlights and sure enough the sidelights were still on. So i turned ignition back on and the dipped lights came on, now usually on auto the dipped beam stays on for 10 seconds after key is removed. So i removed key again and sure enough the dipped went off but sidelights stayed on.

I then turned the lights off manually by the stalk switch and all turned off, turned stalk back to auto and all ok. Checked car again as i left car park on staff bus and no lights on. But when i got back to car this morning the side lights were on again and i don't know how long these had been on for but she started ok and i didn't notice and lack in starting power. I checked the auto function when i got home by covering the sensor and all worked as it should, except when i remove the key and open the door the lights on warning doesn't come on, this only seem to work when the auto lights is switched off and the lights are turned on manually via the switch. I'm sure I've read somewhere that the lights on warning shouldn't work when the switch is set to the auto position, but only when the lights are switched on manually. I tried it a few times before i went indoors and the lights on warning would only work on the manual setting and not on the auto setting. Is this the way it should work?

Now is this a sign that I've got an electrical problem somewhere or even if my batteries on its way out. I know others on here have found their lights on when returning to their cars etc but i never found out if they found a solution or what was causing this to happen.

Any ideas greatly accepted.

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