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limp mode help

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can anybody help. my car went in to limp mode today lots of black smoke . had egr cleand last week seamed ok untill today got blank plate in with hole any advice would be graetfull not realy good with them sort of things thanks:( its a 2ltr deisel 53 reg x type
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sounds like a pipe popped off, or 'that' pipe has split
if the egr is the cause of my problem is there a way to test it cant see all of the pipe cant see any split also cant see where it goes ?
The best way to test to egr is to fit a blanking plate without the hole,i may be wrong but i believe yours can use this type of blank without causing fault light to come on so could also eliminate to need to renew the egr if that is the cause of the problem.
thanks fulman have orderd one of ebay will try that
if it helps i had the same on friday night lack of power very low revs hardly any power at all barely get to 50
car jerky and hesitating
and it turned out to be a loose hose front right hand side (facing car) of engine bay between the fog light and main headlight
thanks 37357 had a quick look cant see any thing hanging off will try blank plate if not that well off to garage i suppose hope not a big bill will have to sell one of the kids lol
blank plate on still the same but can here a windy sort of noise in the cab when accelerating sounds like the blower is on wot could that be
GWJ told you on the 26th. It probably is the hose coming up to the EGR now having a split in it!
It may have to be removed to see the 'split'.
A split in this
Jaguar Genuine X Type intercooler hose C2S26986 | eBay
is very common and if it's whooshing, hissing or farting when the turbo spools up, it's odds on favourite.

Like Radnorman states, it's difficult to see the split with out removing the pipe, then bending the pipe makes it grin at you!

The pipe can be seen here in pics 11 and 12, the oily pipe about 55mm wide.

To get to it, follow the guide until pic 11, then reach down the front to undo the bottom jubilee clip (and rip your arm to shreads) then check it (worth following the whole guide and cleaning the EGR out as well)

The ebay link is about the cheapest there is, you can often tape it up and refit it until your new one arrives.
thanks goudy got mechanic coming tomorrow will get him to check that
thanks for all your help its all done hose off on the bottom off egr clip was rusty and hose come off happy only £20
i am thinking of cleaning what cleaning fluid should i use...we have stacks of wurth brake cleaner at work
would that be suitable?
Clean the EGR?
Scrape it out first then brake cleaner or carb cleaner will work, you'll probably need to chip away at it until it's clean, same for the manifold, that'll be no doubt caked as well inside it.

Yours is an earlier EGR with just a vacuum pipe and no sensor or wires? Worth blanking the exhaust feed off on one of these, it won't bother the ECU or put the EML on.
EGR valve blanking block plate Ford Mondeo Jaguar X-typeTransit 2.0 2.2 2.4TDCi | eBay
good god big man you know your stuff :) well done
all done thanks for all your addvice
all done thanks for all your addvice
was it easy to do?
having never done anything like that at all
except for polish the car :)
Fairly easy, follow the guide and take your time, plenty of rags, paper towels, some marigolds and your tramps outfit! The gunk is horrid stuff.

In pic 11, you can see the front manifold to EGR bolt, the rear one is a little more difficult to get on straight, those small socket sets with the extension bar are perfect to get on this one.
Take care with both bolts, in and out. The steel bolts go into the alloy of the EGR, not a great mix of metals!
Cross threading, over tightening, snapped and seized bolts aren't that uncommon.
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