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LInks dont Work

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Every time I click a link in the site it takes me directly to the main front page. Its annoying when someone shows a link to a solution. only to be sent to the main page and no post. Anyway round this.....Using Chrome as a browser
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Sorry mate this started when the site was upgraded and as yet no one seems interested in sorting it out :confused::confused: it is really starting to p**s people off.
Also noticed this when you google something and get a hit on the site. Realy frustrating. To be honest the whole look and feel of the new site has meant i havent been on alot. tend to go on the yankee site daily now where it used to be this one.
what is the web address for that site i think ill do the same.
This should really be sorted out. Not only is it annoying current users but anyone that googles and clicks on a link will just go elsewhere so there'll be no new users.

Also, on the mobile theme the logo is wrong and on the desktop theme the logo is just the vbulletin one. This sort of stuff can all be tested before you go live but even if it wasn't it should be fixed by now as this version has been live for ages.

At the very least all links should be redirected from the old rules to the new ones.

It really limits the usefulness of the forum.

Any owners/moderators care to comment?
All i get from moderators is we don't have the power to do anything :confused: :confused: except have pictures in there sig
YEP...I've migrated to the "other" jag forum too...very disappointing as this used to be such a useful, well set up forum....whatever happened to the "if it ain't broke..." theory?
Can a moderator please explain why this is happening, and if anything is being done about it. If not let us know so we can move elsewhere. Anyone found a uk based site to use
I second that they are so quick to edit the post if you use a quote that isn't needed :eek: and get pictures in there signatures but sort the forum out ho no i cant do anything
Sponsors & things that go bump in the night

I don't like the new Forum either, it's a bit third world in comparison with the old one. But we are where we are I to have spent some time on the American Forum mentioned. Another Member was in urgent need of details of Jag Parts Suppliers.
Being new thought it would be like this Forum, well I checked it out first.
They were extremely polite & helpful telling me that there Forum the US one that is, is paid for by Sponsors, not voluntary donations.
Should any links that I place on their Forum conflict with their Sponsor's interests they would be removed & I could be removed as well. Below are some of the points made to me by a helpful Moderator.

1. Posting commercial links is generally against forum rules.

2. Generally speaking commercial links to a business are systematically removed. This Forum is paid for by paying Vendors, we do not operate a donation system and as such we have to protect the businesses that allow the forum to remain free to members.

The American Forum clearly has controls placed on it by their Sponsors, fine that's the way they do it. He who pays the piper calls the tune. It's their right.
All I can say is like many others I have placed hundreds of Links on this British Forum without having to look over my shoulder in case I offend a Sponsor.
I should make it clear that their Moderators were always helpful & I intend no offence to them in what I have written, or am about to.

Well it strikes me that it is a Forum wrapped up in Sponsors. If you like that, it's fine. I will occasionally drop in there to read the latest act of violence against the English language. Well I suppose we really are separated by a common language. Fortunately they like us know how to laugh at themselves, hopefully.

So the New Forum warts and all? I am staying here because, how can I put this? It's simply the best. So I will not moan anymore, perhaps the occasional constructive observation though.
My appreciation to all those that make the best Jag Forum in the world possible.

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