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Manual Conversion

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Has there been any success confirmed in fitting the S type manual gearbox to an AJ V8?
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No ...... The V8 engines used in XKs and XJs are almost all autos. Two Jaguar built XKRs exist and there have been a couple of conversions (Elite XK8) however as you need to have feedback from the gearbox to the computer systems it is way more complex than just bolting one on. There are a number of race conversions that dispose of all the computers etc. but not ideal for a road car as you lose lots of other features. Norman Durban (see Pistonheads, xkec) is working with TL Jaguars to build a true manual XKR. It has only taken him two years and he is almost there. He has a web site too XKR Transmissions
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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