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Manual Gear Oil

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Hello I hope in the next couple of weeks to do a 40,000 mile service on my 2006 2.5 X type manual, including changing gearbox, transfer and diff oils. The transfer box and diff I believe takes Castrol SAF-XJ 75w 140 or the latest equivalent which is Syntrax, please correct if i'm wrong, however i don't know what oil to use for the gearbox I know that the reccomended oil is 75w 90 Ford WSD-M2C200-C but is there another type to use, I've seen Castrol do one called Syntrans which can be used in many gearboxes but it doesn't say what it can't be used in.
Regards James
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Hi All,

I also want to know which gearbox oil you would recommend? I have a 2.2d Manual with 50k on the clock, after reading on this forum and the US one, it seems to make sense to keep the oil and gearbox in good order.

I have seen that Red Line MT90 Gear Oil is used by the US forum x type owners quite a bit - any thoughts? Should I get semi-synthetic or full ?

(first post after a long time reading thought these useful pages!)
Many thanks

bizarre - the reply i just left has been deleted?!

Anyway, what I wrote was that I also want to clarify the type of oil to use for a Manual please...
Ive seen this - Red Line MT90 Gear Oil but dont know if its the right stuff or if others recommend something else?
Lastly - is semi or full synthetic the way to go?

Many thanks

They weren't deleted Adam just awaiting approval with you being a new member
The MT90 (75-90) is good,used it in my last car Mazda 6 which used many Ford parts as does the Jaguar.
Cant find any info on oil company web sites re x type gear oil,but you can buy the redline oil from "opie oils" in cornwall.
It's what i was going to use before my box blew up,so i now have a recon box pre filled with i dont know what.
Browsing the web suggests that finding oil to this spec is one of the great mysteries in life!! The US market has Castrol BOT 130m but it doesn't seem to be available here. If you want to be sure then getting it from a Ford source looks most easily available and economic. Is this link of any help?

Noting that your changing the transfer box oil, remember that if drained through the fitted drain plug, 250mls (Yes, 250mls!) will be left, so only refill with 300mls to get to the total of 550mls, otherwise you'll be blowing oil out of the vent.
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The fully synthetic Castrol - Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90 is the way to go, after draining the old fluid at 90,000 it made my 2.2 gearbox seem like a new one. highly recommended giving slicker changes and great cold performance. Changed my ST220 gearbox oil too and that now that feels like a new box.
Googling finds it here,Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle : 75w-90 : Manual Transmission Fluid 1 Litre halfords sell it also but dont list it online yet
Fabulous! Thanks for your help chaps !
Been and bought 3 litres of the Castrol today - would this be enough to do a proper change of oil? or should I get another couple of litres? I'm sure i've read the total oil capacity is 1.7litres for the manual - can anyone clarify this please?
That should be ample,most boxes hold around 2.5 litres max.
Hello Many thanks for everyone's input I have done lots of research both online and in a very usefull X Type workshop manual brought off Ebay for a few quid that is in PDF format, i personnally find it easier to use than the JTIS copies, All sources state Ford oil to spec WSD-M2C200-C for the 2.5 petrol MTX75, 5 speed gearbox which i thought would be a fortune and though not as expensive as i at first thought from many sources, i found one at £9 a litre with £4 postage of which i ordered 3 litres, the amount actually stated was 2107ml from empty with generally under 2litres used for oil change purposes.
I also ordered 3litres of Castrol Syntrax 75w 140 for the transfer box and diff, and even splashed out on a Sealey oil and fluid extractor and also a mini hand oil pump to fill all units as strangely i've been told modern gear oils don't have the flexi spout of old.
Regards james
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I'm not sure from your earlier posts whether you know that refilling the transfer box is not a straightforward task. The filling plug on the top is not accessible without a major removal of bits and pieces. Searching the forum will give you some ideas, but in general, refilling via the drain plug is feasible if some arrangement is made to prevent the new oil draining out before the plug is replaced. Don't drain it until you're sure you can refill it!
Did the job yesterday - EASY!
The most time consuming job was getting the undertray loose under the car. Thanks all for your help! I was quoted £150.00 for having this done, so ive saved myself some money and learned something new in the process!
For info, the car is about to clock 50k, and the fluid that came out absolutely stank and was slimy black. The difference after a couple of car rides is HONESTLY very noticeable.

I will defintely do it on mine then and i will see what my oil is like, I didn't think it would deteriate too bad as there is no combustion wastes like in the engine oil.
Hello Astromorg i have copies of JTIS and another CD in PDF format and looking through previous posts on this forum that reccomend tilting the car some 600mm sill clearence on the left, involved i know but i feel it is something i can do, I'm a very keen DIYer with our own 4 post lift and do all the servicing on our Daimler/Jaguar funeral vehicles and a few friends general cars, thanks for your concern as it would be easy for a 'novice' to get in 'deep water'.
Jwilsonjnr: I note you state your gearbox is the mtx75,this was fitted to the very last 2.0 litre Ford sierra dohc circa 1993.
The previous sierra's had a 4 speed box that was then updated to a 5 speed box with the 5th gear piggy backed on then replaced with the mtx75 which went into the mk1 Ford mondao.
Titto: gear oil has a very strong smell (sweet sort of smell) so dont worry too much about that.
Yes the X type petrols were fitted with the MTX 75 gearbox with cable change, introduced in 1999 with rod change for the very last Escort Mk 5's but really came to use in the Mondeo mk3 I think, the earlier gearbox was the MT 75 a different gearbox entirely and was used in the last of the sierras as a rear wheel drive longtitudally form, and the first mondeo as transverse form which can be recognised instantly from the later MTX 75 by not having a lift coller on reverse gate, the gearbox used before only in longitude form was the Type 9 now used in many old cars to give a 5 speed conversion. There is also the IB5 used in the smaller capacity Focus's and all the Fiesta's. Ford Galaxy's were fitted with a variant of the MTX 75 called the VTX 75
Gear oil must not be used in the MTX 75/VTX 75 gearbox as it contains sulphur as the E.P additive which chemically atacks the synchronisers(many cases of this especialy on Galaxy's). I believe it can be used in the MT 75, IB5 and Type 9
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Jwilsonjnr: I stand corrected.
Your comments re the use of non sulpher oils also rings a bell with the mazda 6 i had,which also had Ford connections.
And we all thought any old oil would do.
I am very strict about what oil i use in the engine but gear oil seems to be a bit of a dark art,cant find any info on what type/ammount the x type uses but i dont like talking about x type gear boxes since my expensive nightmare.(see post total gearbox failure)
This website is very good and has helped me, Jaguar Motor Project: Motor Project # 8 - Vital Fluids it confirms capacities and types of oil and possible alternatives to JTIS. My Ford transmission oil to specification WSD-M2c20-C arrived yesterday but i only managed to open it today, the colour and smell is virtually indistiguishable from engine oil and strangely not as thick as the 75w90 gear oil i use in my MG back axle in fact not much thicker than the Castrol 5w30 i'm using in the engine
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