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Memory or not?

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My driver's door controls are the non-memory type, so I assume I don't have memory seats or mirrors.

However, I had to change a mirror motor the other day and when I removed it I found it was of the memory type. Is this normal for a car without memory controls? Or is it possible someone replaced the whole mirror unit and could only find a memory mirror? Would a memory mirror connect to non memory wiring?

I can check the other mirror quite easily to see if it is memory too, but how can I check the seats? Also can I check if the rear view mirror is memory?

If I find I have memory mirrors and seats, would adding a memory switch pack work?
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as far as I know, the wiring for all options was included on our cars (just folded back out of sight usually) I have the "base" XJ8 (drivers seat height adjustment only and no memory for anything) This does not mean however that everything is simply "plug and play" in the case of the seats, the controls are on them (not the door) so you would have to replace the seat with a full electric one (as the motors will not be there) same for all the other items. I'm sure somebody more up to speed with these things can help.
What year is your car?

The rear view mirrors don't have memory sadly.

The best way to check is to see if your steering wheel is manual adjustment or electric.
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