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Missing top gear

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Afternoon chaps
Now I've had a good search round and can't find my problem so it's time to ask you guys.
Every now and again my auto box misses top gear followed by a clonk, on a good day she'll have Another go and all is well on a bad day I get a gearbox fault on the dash and I'll need to pull over and stop/start the engine to reset the fault then I'm on my way...
Now should I contact my bank manager or do you guys have any ideas?
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How many miles does your car have? What engine do you have? How old is the car?

Before 2002 = 5 speed
After 2002 = 6 speed

2 different gearboxes, need more info!
it's an 03 with a 6 speed box, 4.2 supercharged with 105000 on the clock
Sound like your box is on the way out unfortunately. Maybe never had a fluid change. This "sealed for life" thing is ridiculous, but that's what Jaguar say so there's no recommended fluid change interval.
Maybe try a fluid and filter change, should be done ideally every 60k on the 6 speed ZF box. Nothing to loose.
It's not cheap to do a fluid & filter change on those boxes so might be better to get it checked before spending money on a box that needs fixing.
Evening chaps
Well not sure if anyone's interested but here's an update on the saga...

I took the car to see a man who knows a thing or two about at Winspeed motor sport (they're not cheap but your paying for
the best!!!) and after he'd plugged in his laptop and got the gearbox to make all sorts of strange and a little worrying noises he made a phone call and the general thinking is it's one or both of the solenoids that operates 6th gear... So for starters before we get into taking the box out he removed the sump flushed out all of the old oil (it looked clean but what do I know!!!) changed the filter and once back together he put in an additive that Jaguar recommend for just such occasions (so I'm not the first) and he told me it's a one time affair meaning you can only add it once to the gearbox (beats me why...) and if this doesn't work then it's a big job with I guess a even bigger bill!!!

On the plus side I've tried to put as many miles on as I can and I think it might have done the trick!!! I don't know how long it will last but for now I'm a happy bunny

I'll keep you posted (if your still awake...)

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Yes mate, keep us informed, gearbox trouble is the most expensive item most of us will face, always nice to have a little more info. As suggested even tho the addirtive is a one shot, changing the fluid every 60K is well worth it.
As cars go it's had most bit got at from time to time... The gearbox has also got a speed-shift system fitted but it's not working right now (sadly) maybe one day we'll get it working again...
Not sure if this will help but a few years ago i had a ford scorpio 24v and that kept dropping out or not engaging top all code readers pointed to solenoids in box. After having box stripped new solenoids etc fitted and lots of money spent about 200 miles later problem returned. A guy at the transmission specialist then suggested we try a new mass air flow meter only £95.00!!! see if that makes a difference .After this was fitted problem disappeared .I have to say i was at a loss to see why they didnt suggest trying this first before removing box but i was only a customer what did i know!!! Might be worth a try cleaning the maf it problem returns.
it's an 03 with a 6 speed box, 4.2 supercharged with 105000 on the clock
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