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Mk 10

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I havent seen one of these before until last years show at Silverstone. It has presence.

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That was the dream Jaguar of my yoof, were plenty about driven by doctors, dentists and accountants. I haven't seen one for ages. the last one I saw was about eight years ago and it was travelling in the opposite direction so it was passed before I got a good look at it.

John G
I wanted one when I saw it, I wonder how they go for now?
A close look at the badging on the rear, shows that this one has been modified to have a V12 under the hood !
Good spot Jaggy....I'll start saving those pennies
I wanted one when I saw it, I wonder how they go for now?
I've been watching the Jaguar markets recently; it's always interesting to see how the prices shift.

The Mark X's have dropped off the radar a bit recently. Circa 2010 I saw a few of them about in the region of £5-7000 for decent examples, but they seem to have become a bit more thin on the ground.

There are quite a few Series III XJs on the go (Similar styling to the Mark X) and they're generally cheap as chips... though you could also lose a whole bag of chips through the rust holes on the floor! :p
That's not bad value TBF, however I'm not sure I'll have enough left in the bank to maintain her, especially if those rust holes appear :)
Hopefully there will be some on view at Weston Park.
My grandfather had one of those, registered UN 2, way, way back. It sort of defined the idea of 'car' to such a point in my tiny two or three year old mind that every other make even now is just dross...
I've heard of a couple of these MK10/420G's floating about (from factory) when the V12 was being developed.
Incase you were still thinking about one, I just saw one on Piston Heads, looks pristine:

Le Riche Autos : Jaguar Mk 10

19 Grand is a bit much though IMHO.
Quite a few still about, tend to be in the owners clubs. They do have quite a presence on the road, I believe the biggest Jaguar ever made. This custom one raised a few eyebrows in the JEC, personally I think its brill.
That was my dream car in the late '60's.

My experience with the MK 10 Jaguar was that it was a lot of problems but when the 420 g replaced it it was a completely different car and one worth getting.
When I was an 18 yr old salesman demonstrating or delivering a Mk 10 --I always thought it was like driving a Nuclear Submarine ---& looked a bit like one !!
My god, that's beautiful! The MK10 is my all time favorite 'Classic Jaguar', they're absolutely stunning:p

I used to sell these when I was 18 & a Junior Jaguar salesman way back in 1963....
I used to sell these when I was 18 & a Junior Jaguar salesman way back in 1963....
My Dad tells me that he always wanted a MK 10, but sadly he never managed to get one. It is certainly a Classic to aspire to having, I'd certainly love to have one :)
Very interested in the MK10/420G especially one with the V12, I know they have a few about that have been home built, I didn't know the factory had done any, I know they used the chassis and 4.2 engine for many years in the DS420 ( Daimler Lim ) , and have been told that someone had fitted a V12 in that, I had a series 3 XJ V12 and a XJS HE and it was most of the intake system off to do most jobs, so shoehorning one into a MK10 or DS420 must be fun, on the DS420 air con had to be fitted separately in the boot, and if you drove one the first thing the chauffeur would do was fit a lower rated thermostat, just to give you a fighting chance, they were known as sweat boxes in the front, when you were a chauffeur back in the day, you didn't need to diet, saying that they drove a 1000 times better than a Phantom V or VI , or Majestic Major or Vanden Plas Princess, yes apart from the cooking bulkhead they were actually a really good car,

currently using XK60 ( X150 ) Coupe

Previous 3.4 S type 1968 XJ12 1980 XJS HE 1982 XJ Sport 1995 XJR 1998 XJ TDVi Sport premier 2006 XJ 4.2 LWB 2006 F type V6s 2015
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The Bentley S3 drives like a MK1 Transit with 120k on the clock, but one of the best looking cars ever built.

New years night 1997, I drove a DS420 from Atlantic city to Philadelphia with an almost completely flat rear tyre and didnt notice any difference to the handling.
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