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No doubt all our favourite lefties will be on moaning about The Budget on Wednesday. I've been crunching some numbers concerning a the NHS just to put it into perspective.
In 1948 when the NHS was formed based on National Insurance contributions which is private health care in all but name, the NHS cost £437 million to run or £15 Billion in todays money. The budget for 2017 is £116,000,000,000, that's £116 billion or £318m A DAY. So Boris and his £350m a week figure, which was false, only covers a day's cost. In fact, the NHS will spend more on Agency nurses now as 10,000 staff from the EU have left since the vote.

The Government via Tax of all sorts (VAT, Income, Council etc) rake in about £600bn.
NHS cost........£116bn
Welfare..........£219bn (down from £235bn in 2013)
Armed forces £62bn

So that's £397bn. Just a rough calculation and most figures off Google and may be out of date. More spent on Public sector wages £180bn, infrastructure, hand outs to Scotland £4bn and keeping RBS afloat (God only knows). Whatever Jeremy says, we cannot raise enough money by Tax so we have to borrow money or print it. I saw a figure for borrowing of £1500 per second which is a bit scary. So I can hear the wheels of certain members turning in their brain. Let's tax the rich and clamp down on tax Dodgers. Tax avoidance (legal) costs £2.2 bn pa, Tax evasion (illegal) £4.4 bn. So whilst it is a scandal, £6.6bn won't make a difference to the big picture.Our Overseas aid budget is £13bn to support people in India and other places where their own Government can't give a toss. The top 5% of earners (£450k pa or more) pay twice as much tax as an MP and have paid treble the rate from the 1970's when Labour were in power by the way.

Sorry it's a bit rambling but the upshot is, we ain't got enough money and we'll have less in three years time after Brexit. Tighten your belts folks.
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