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MOT time and its good news! And a word of warning...

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I was a bit concerned about the up coming MOT because when I first bought the XJR back in July last year, I took it to Les Paul (Jag specialist in Essex) for a once over and they claimed it would need:

1. a LOT of welding
2. they needed to smash off the locking nuts because the master lock nut was missing, then replacement locking nuts
3. 2 new tyres
4. brakes were 20% and needed new discs as the current ones were warped
5. correct size battery
6. lower ball joints needed replacing

They wanted £1600 to get these things done. I said I would collect the car up (after much pestering from the guy to get it done that day!) and get the work done at a later date. They had done an oil service so charged me £250 for this and the check. BUT, when I went to the boot, I took out the lock nut and said "is this what you wanted to charge me £250 for?", the guy looked suitably embarrassed and apologised. So since then I was dubious as to the other work they said it needed... (a guy I know done the ball joints and he said they were fine, didn't need replacing!)

I did replace the 2 tyres, got a proper size battery and had SOME welding done which cost £150 (welding alone)... Another worry was when the car was BONE DRY of oil, only a year after the oil service they apparently carried out and I had done 2000 miles. So I assumed an oil leak was to blame...

I decided to take the XJR to my Lancia garage to get them to have a look as I have been with them for a decade and trust them. It flew through the MOT, I asked about the oil and they said there was no oil leak and it all looked in very good conditiion underneath. The MOT guy said the brakes are 50% and discs are fine...

So all in all, I am glad it passed the MOT but sad that I have had to learn "Les Paul" would stoop to such measures to drum up business.. Avoid at all costs!!!

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My guess it's too late for a lot of guys, scandalous potential bill. Contact me for a great bloke Essex way that tells it how it is with regards to 308 XJR's...
thanks...I'll avoid Les Paul then.

Sean B- pm on it's way
Though lm fairly well equipped in the garage and tools department ;) I would be most grateful to known of reccomended Jaguar expertise in the essex area for anything l cant fix.

As for a lot (meaning most) scum bag garage mechs who attempt to rip you off the moment you drive something half decent on their forcourt.....line em up against a wall and shoot em

epsisode on rogue trader in order for these so called speialists
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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