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Motor Problems!

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Hi All

The other day my wife went to start my 1999 XJ8 and it was turning over but would not start. I tried turning it over and it sounded ‘clunky’. I got it towed, so it was not driven.

My mechanic has looked at it and come up with the following:

Vehicle towed to workshop.Removed spark plugs and carried out
compression test.No compression reading on left rear cylinder.All
others between 125-140 P.S.I. Short time we did run engine noted
knocking noise and loud chuffing noise from left hand bank,a bit
like spark plug left out.Have not removed camshaft covers to
investigate any possible valve train faults.

He is a bit unsure whether to keep going…as in, does it sound like a common problem that can be fixed?

I guess I just need an opinion…..does it sound like a new engine? And if so, what is it likely to cost me?

The other question is I suppose, do I just put it on trademe (ebay etc.) and hope there is a mechanic out there that can fix it and wants a bargain?

Any advice would be appreciate.
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Sounds like timing chain tensioners. Possible failure leads to camshafts skipping and loss of timing, one tooth can be fixed, two teeth and it's good night for that head.

Check timing by taking off the timing covers and looking at the flats on the cams at the front side of the head.
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