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musings on a hot day...

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Hi all. This is not my normal 'help this doesn't work' type of post. Having been fortunate to take this week as holiday I've just returned home from a 450 mile 3 day top-down blast on a golfing and social trip. Having owned my 2006 XK only since March, this was the first decent blast I've been able to do - and has given me a superb opportunity to evaluate the car and compare to my former 2002 R. The expressions 'chalk and cheese' spring to mind. What I love about the current car is its..styling... handling.. factor...exhaust note...responsiveness...agility...understated elegance... ability to prompt other drivers to smile and wave...draw admiring comments from people in the car park...golikesh1toffashovelwhenyouhit theloudpedal.....and return 29mpg into the bargain!! In comparison my faithful x100 was..faster..cramped..scary at times round corners..but just as much fun in its own way. So my point is...How lucky are we to be able to indulge our passion for these truly wonderful cars that provide such a 'feelgood' factor.
High spot was crossing the River Severn on the hottest day of the year with the hood down - the stereo on full blast and just admiring the view.....when I caught myself in the mirror with the daftest smile ever....Enjoy.....
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Hey sounds awesome. Can't wait for summer to come around here. Gonna take some time off and put some miles down.
I remember crossing the severn bridge at midnight in April this year, in my 2007 xkr, after having driven from Frankfurt to visit my mum in Cardiff, I remember having Mobys" New Dawn Fades" on the stereo and thinking bloody hell does it come better that this?....and then wishing my mother lived further ie Scotland!!!!! I mean its only 1000km from Frankfurt to Cardiff.
Sun shining, great music, awesome car. Nice!!
We should start a top 5 driving tunes thread :)
I had a great drive down to Monaco yesterday. The French Autoroutes were relatively quiet (traffic and tyre noise). On arrival, I parked next to a Veyron! I crept out of the car park....
Bought an ice cream, picked up my tickets and walked most of the circuit. On emerging from the tunnel, it started to thunder and then light rain. Bummer.
As I'm staying in Nice I'm just off to take the train in for this morning's session and tomorrow, of course is the F1 race.
Monday/Tuesday back to the U.K. Ah - this retirement lark ain't too shabby...
Miss you already.
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