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My new ride. Pictures.

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Hi folks.

Here are some pics of my XFR 'Le Mans' edition. Taken at my French place about 90 minutes from Le Mans.
Hope you like them.
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Very nice, the car looks stunning.
I never paid the XFR much attention but in comparison to an M5 BMW you have to admit its
a lovely looking thing
Nice looking motor, pity it's not Blue!:-D Phil
Love the car, congratulations. I particularly like the headlight design of these models, very distinctive, give the 'face' a special look.

Thanks for the pictures................................IP
Great looking and much sought after model, looks right at home in the beautiful surroundings.
I did read that they might become a future classic being as only 50 were made. Time will tell.
Very nice GR....

Congrats to you

Sweet! The best Jaguar XF is the XFR! And with black grill and black wheels, it's mouth wateringly gorgeous!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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