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Took my X Type for its MOT Monday. I've never had a problem with MOT's on the car but was dreading it this year as the car is almost 15 years old and has done 190K. I was convinced that there would be something major such as sill corrosion or suspension issues that would mean costly repairs that would effectiviely write the car off. To my surprise the garage passed it with just one advisory rear pads wearing very thin. The inspector said that the LH side was very low and would only last a few hundred miles - he was dead right - I replaced the pads today and old ones on the left were paper thin!

So the X Type lives on to fight another day!! Sadly it will have to go now as I am about to retire and can't justify running two Jags as I am not John Prescott!!!!! However with a fresh MOT I can try to sell it although not for much but at least this way hopefully it will give someone else some service which is a much better result than having to take it to a scrappy, that would have been gutting. I will miss the old girl its been a brilliant and reliable car that has given me great service - I know I'm preaching to the converted here but the X Type is a much underated car
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