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Have done photo diaries on other forums for some of my other cars so thought I'd do one here, for anyone who cares to read it.

So I bought this three months ago as an AUC with 12 months' extended warranty (which has paid for itself already, more on that later). Stopped off on the three hour drive home to pick up some stuff my wife wanted from Livingstone and took this:

Once I'd stopped driving it long enough to give it a half-decent wash and take some better pics I shot these:

The car is a 2008 XKR Supercharged, midnight black. Spec (over and above standard kit) includes B&W 5.1 stereo, keyless entry, heated front and rear screens and front and rear parking sensors. Suffice to say I'm smitten with the car, when I arrive anywhere I never want to get out, just want to keep on driving it :) Had a couple of issues sorted under warranty already, a knocking sound at low speeds that was diagnosed as a worn bush in a front anti-roll bar linkage and a squeaky supercharger belt. Warranty wouldn't cover the badly worn rear brake discs and pads though and sadly neither would the selling dealer even though at the time I'd only had the car two months so they must have been like that when the car was sold. Oh well, won't be buying from them again.

Thanks for looking, I'll add updates as and when I do stuff with the car or take decent photos.
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So yesterday I tackled the rear brake discs and pads. Pads are EBC Redstuff ceramic compound and discs are Pagid, managed to get the lot for about £120. Didn't take a lot of photos as I was trying to crack on and get finished quickly, although that didn't happen really as it turned out to be a more time consuming job than I thought. Anyway...

Out with the old...

... and in with the new (yes I know this is the other side but I forgot to take one after doing the above!)

Made a pleasant discovery after I got the first wheel off too:

Looks like Goodridge braided brake lines as standard, which is nice.

Braking performance is noticeably more positive even at this early stage. Right now I'd say the EBC pads are actually more dusty than stock, not less as I was led to believe, but this could be just them burning off the brake-in coating so reserving judgement on that one. Main thing is they were cheaper than OEM Jaguar pads and seem to scrub speed quicker, even though they're on the rear. If I still like them after a few weeks I may well change the front pads too...
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So I had a couple of days off to myself at the start of this week. With wintery weather forecast for the rest of the week I thought I'd get one last good run out in the XKR in first. Decided to do the circuit round the Cairngorm National Park. Some great roads around there and some stunning scenery. It was a little slippery in places and a good chunk of the route was just sitting on the A9 doing and seeing nothing interesting so if I do a similar run again I'll investigate changing some of that but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and spent most of the time grinning to myself in the cabin.

Took a couple of photos along the way, nothing great and the car got progressively more filthy as the day wore on as you'll see.

Taken just before the Lecht ski and snowboard center just outside ****bridge.

Just after Tomintoul I think.

Last two taken at Glenshee.

If anyone's interested then I knocked the route together in Google maps, see below:

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Hi 8bit great photos:cool: lovely car:cool: I have been thinking of putting red stuff pads all round on mine as I am getting a bit fed up with all the dust did it die down after a little while ?
Hi, and thanks :)

This was the first really good run since fitting the pads, at least the first one since the brakes were made to work hard at all. The car was utterly filthy when I got back so I can't say how much of what was on the wheels was road muck or brake dust. Last time I washed it I'd say the rear wheels were maybe a bit less dusty, nothing like spotless though.

I washed the car the day after the above run so the wheels are still looking reasonably clean, let me keep an eye on it for another few days and I'll report back. I'd say the red stuff pads are probably worth a look anyway though as I did feel a small but noticeable improvement in initial bite and feel. When the fronts are due for changing I'm going to look at Pagid RS4-2s, these are supposed to be fantastic.
Cheers I am not sure when mine will need doing but I await your findings :D
Had a small parcel arrive from Just Jags UK today:

The //R badge I have on my tailgate just now is starting to look a bit tatty as the coloured stripes are starting to come away at the corners. I'll give the new one a few coats of clear lacquer to try and keep it in good nick. The caliper logo plates will also get a few coats but using high-temp lacquer specifically for brake calipers. Have a little time off over the holidays so will hopefully get these and a couple of other little jobs done then.

toyotaman, haven't been able to check the wheels really as it's been pretty wet here lately and dark all the time! I'll try and do some miles this weekend and get some photos to show brake dust comparison between front and rear.
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Thanks I hope you enjoy yourself over the weekend :D the R badge etc look really good :cool:
Nice car!

The redstuff can throw a bit of dust in the first couple of thousand miles but should bed in with your discs and last well with less dust!

More importantly they will stop better!

Mixed reports elsewhere on the paged discs recently.
Sorry G4GRB, thought I was up to date with replies here. Thanks for the nice comments :)

Update on the Redstuff dust is that they're a little bit better than stock pads. Washed the car on Sunday for the first time in a few weeks and the rear wheels were a bit less grubby than the fronts. Will keep an eye on this over the next couple of weeks.

In other news, these arrived today:

My car currently has what I assume to be standard mats, no logo and the carpet doesn't feel as good quality as these. They are also looking a bit tatty so I was after a set of these for a while. These are nearly new, they look immaculate and still had the original packaging. I found someone on the JEC classifieds site selling them at a good price.

One of our two little Jaguars approves:

Finally, I took the plunge and ordered a Spires stage 1 exhaust which should be here this week. Fingers crossed for some dry weather on Saturday to get it fitted...
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Another delivery today :)
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Exhaust now fitted :)

I'd say there's a fuller, slightly more aggressive sound now than before. What isn't evident is the extra volume, it is markedly (but not extremely) louder than the stock system. I certainly wouldn't want it to go any louder personally, I think it's just right now. It's quite surprising on cold starts now...
Very nice! Sounds lovely! 8)
Thanks Simon!
Recently met a chap through Pistonheads, he's a keen amateur photographer and was asking for some more four-wheeled subjects to shoot using a technique called light-painting. To cut a long story short, we spent a few hours one chilly evening at a small local harbour and these are the results :)


Jaguar XKR #1 by Sko77y, on Flickr


Jaguar XKR #2 by Sko77y, on Flickr


Jaguar XKR #3 by Sko77y, on Flickr


Jaguar XKR #4 by Sko77y, on Flickr


Jaguar XKR #5 by Sko77y, on Flickr


Jaguar XKR #6 by Sko77y, on Flickr
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Looking Good:cool::cool:
Great pictures, but the subject really makes them. ;)
Cheers chaps :)
Fantastic looking Cat 8bit, I do mean the one with the wheels :p Other ones nice too ;)
Thanks JP :) The hairy one in the picture is Snowy, you'd think he was supercharged too, the way he charges about sometimes...
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