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Need help horn, airbag, cruise control don’t work.

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Hello every one. I have a Jaguar x-type 2.2d year 2007.
And I needed to change the clutch on the car, and after that now the horn, airbag, and cruise control don’t work.
At say about the first second the airbag lamp blink and after its stay on :(
I don’t know if the radio button on the steering wheel work I use a after market stereo.

I have google a lot and I have read something about “clock spring fail” and I wonder if this could be the case here? Somehow I have push the clock spring when i did remount the sub frame?

If any one have any idea so please help me out here. Don’t really know we’re to start looking.
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Why did you remove the steering wheel (which is where the clock spring is ) when changing the clutch.
Why did you remove the subframe too. Changing the clutch only requires the subframe to be loosened.
Have you reconnected all cables released when changing the clutch.

Hello there, I did not remove subframe or the steering weel.
The subframe only loose and the column lose.
I hope I have reconnect everything but not sure. I have try to look every we’re and check so all fuse are okey
If youre not sure if you have reconnected everything, check and check again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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