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New boy on the block

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Hello all, well hopefully I'm posting this in the correct area but I thought I'd say hi all the same. I'm John and as you may have guessed from the user name I was dragged up in Birmingham many many moons ago.

I'm just about to finish my 32 year career in the military and thought now would be a good time for the car of my dreams, so I've taken the plunge, let my heart rule my head and brought a 06 plate S Type Diesel sport, so you may see me asking lots of questions on here.

Well I must shoot off, thanks to you all and have a good one.

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Hello and welcome John and i would just like to say thank you for the 32 years service we Brits do appreciate it
Welcome to the forum John, lots of friendly and helpful members on here, enjoy the S-type:D
Hi John. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the new car. :)
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