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new boy saying hello!

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Evening all just thought i'd introduce myself my names James and I have an 05 x type 2.0d sport estate which I've had for 2 years fitted with I believe the 18" silver detroit style wheels (not 100% thats the style so I'm sure I'll be corrected when I stick some pictures up!) this is my first jag and only my second car but then again I only passed my car test 3 years ago! no I'm not a snotty kid I'm actually 34 but spent the first 17 years on motorbikes! been very fortunate enough though to have been in some very nice jags over my life as my dad worked at castle brom paint n body so i've been in everything from a 1988 xj6,all the way up to a 2010 XKR supercharger convertible! (one day I'll get one of those absolutely awesome car!) but I did enjoy the 1993 xjs convertible in british racing green which was the first car I drove! around a car park! anyway thats enough waffling from me I'll probably be lurking in the background for a bit till I find my feet and read up on the all different sections but just thought I'd say Hi first:D
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Welcome to the forum, James:D lots of friendly and helpful members on here enjoy the CAT
Hi James. Welcome to the forum :)
Hi, also got an xtype, not had much luck with her, 3 rear bumpers in 32k miles as people keep running into the back of the wife.
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