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New from The Netherlands

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Hi to you all.

new member here: I'm Mark, from Holland.

just picked up my 'new' X-Type last week.

it's a black 3.0 Executive Automatic with slightly less than ~65k miles / ~105k kilometers on it.
Acquired it from the second owner which had it for 2 years.
it has a full service history and the second owner also gave me all the brochures/option lists the first owner had saved.

the car is black (ebony) and has beige leather interior (sand) with the brown wood.
almost all the goodies you can think of (Auto Clear View, Business, Convenience, Winter Xenon Packages. Nav-Phone-CDChanger, elec-roof, sensors (light,park,rain))
Strange thing is... it does not have heated seats / 10 speakers .... ....:confused: knew that when I bought it..

Well so far it is my first Jaguar and I really like it.. not a single car has given me such a big smile on my face every time I drive it.
The thing I don't like is the wheels/rims 16' . But that's something I didn't want to leave the car for with the previous owner. hoping to change these for a nice pair of 17' perhaps 18'.

So far I've been reading daily on this forum to get familiar with my new black jag..

Hoping to contribute soon!

4 speaker setup is bugging me. no doubt about it that I want to exchange the indash nav-phone-climate for something aftermarket.
So I've been reading about the premium sound setup.
I can not, for one, believe that the magic for this 'happens in the extra sub-amp'.
By reading the electric schematics I can only see that the indash unit is tricked to believe there's this premium-amp connected. then enables a lot of extra options.
From what I see now (but I have to further investigate, (car)electronics are a long time hobby of mine but not a profession) it might be possible to 'trick' the indash unit, believing there's this premium amp connected and enables the extra options.
Surely, the premium amp gets the signal for the subs from the speaker-outs from the indash unit. so if enabled, the extra sub-woofer setting on the indash unit would only set the spectrum below eg.: 85 Hz
Anyhow.... investigation needed if I get wiser, I'll open up a different topic for this in the appropiate section.


things to do.

- Sound: (need sub and tweeters... need more 'balls' in the sound, amps, filters, line-converters, already acquired)
- Wheels: (nice pair of 17' perhaps 18', keep the 16' for winter tires)
- ACM: (need USB/mp3 input. also AUX-in also would be nice for DVB-T reception, which brings the benefit of digital-FM radio.)

Nice to meet you, hopefully I'm going to be a long time forum-reader and proud Jaguar owner.


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Welcome to the forum Mark, lots of friendly and helpful members on here, enjoy:D
Just a word of caution...not sure if jaguars have a different spec in mainland europe...but if I were you, I'd replace your 16" alloys with more than "a pair" of 17" or 18" alloys...or you're going nowhere matey!'t resist! ;-)
Hi Mark. Welcome to the forum :D
Hello and welcome :D :D
Just a word of caution...not sure if jaguars have a different spec in mainland europe...but if I were you, I'd replace your 16" alloys with more than "a pair" of 17" or 18" alloys...or you're going nowhere matey!'t resist!
hehehehehe.... very sharp!!
Hi Mark,

Nice car! I too have an Ebony Executive 3.0L and I might be able to answer a couple of your questions...

Have you seen my thread about the Premium Sound Retrofit? Click the link/s in my signature.

Careful which wiring diagrams you look at, there were major changes in the Model Year 2004, 2004.25 and 2005.

Mines a 2005 model, and I retrofitted the Premium Sound from that year onwards. Earlier models before MY2004 had a totally different setup, I'm guessing you don't have tweeters in your front door handles, since you call it a 4-speaker setup? What year is the car?

It's not a case of tricking the head unit, the (new) amp is connected to the head unit via the D2B fiber optic network, and all the smarts are in the amp.

Here to help if you've any questions about the factory setup. Cheers, Cambo.
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Hi Cambo, Thanks for your reply.
Yes!! i've read your premium sound retrofit very carefully.. very informative, I have to say!!! Thanks (albeit a bit late)
my car is build in 05-2002.
you're right. I don't have the tweeters in the door-handles. that's why I called it a 4 speaker setup.

Since I have the '02 model, let me explain why/how I've drawn the conclussion about the premium sound.

If found this X-Type Elec Guide.pdf (I believe on X-Dave's pages) and was reading on page 117-120.
These are the electric diagrams from the Standard and the Premium sound.

I've taken 2 screenshots standard and premium and have indicated the grounding-point IP65-1 in a Green-Rectangle in both files and have indicated the connection between the amp and headunit (IP65-12) with a Red-Rectangle in the premium diagram only.
other than the 'sound-feed' from the 4 speakers to the amp/subwoofer this IP65-12 connection is the only one between the headunit and amp.

Now, the diagram also learns that this IP65 connector is the 20-way black connector on the headunit.

So, keeping the above in mind.

the amp/sub has Battery-Power, Ground and some kind of ACC-lead from the Headunit.
and, of course a sound-feed through the 4 high-input-level speakers.

This, to me, seems like a 'classic' headunit/amp setup, no D2B network connection in this model yet.
Normally an amp draws about 150 mA /12v on a headunit.

Q.: Couldn't it be.. that if the headunit 'detects' a flow of current on this IP65-12 it 'thinks' I have an amp, so I must be premium...

So, this is what I'm breaking my head on the last couple of days.

it would be so sweet... decent line level converters and then your own choice of amps, filters and speaker setup.
and all with a nice clean install of the factory headunit.


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