New Insurance Starts Tomorrow

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May 18, 2014
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Well my new Insurance starts tomorrow, I had to do a lot of shopping round for a good quote.
I would have thought that as i have only 3 point yep you got it sp30 some time ago doing "56 in a 50" but besides that my insurance goes up year on year.
I found that no real benefit for no bumps being a good responsible driver no claims etc.
Now I'm with a new company and got a discount of 10% because i have a dash cam, the first company i have found that offers this sort of discount, I'm now with AXA all paid up and waiting for my papers.

Where i live is a good place and quiet, but because some time in the past round the corner there was couple of bad family's who made a bit of trouble for a few people, have now moved on some years ago and was before i moved here, but.... as far as the insurance company's are concerned you pay a lot more, this is to the out dated post code registers that are not updated very often at all.

When i moved here from just a couple of miles down the road i had to pay another £80 on my insurance, this just for moving here so is always good to check, to see what the insurance is like for a set post code, i didn't do this but will when we move again, to what, won't be too long now we hope.