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New Intake throws P0171 & P0174 Error Codes with Freeze Frame Data

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Here we go....

Right, definately no air leaks. Refitted standard intake and works fine.

Refitted new intake and deffo no air leaks, had it checked by my Indy.

We have narrowed it down after extensive testing to it only throwing the code when it is a warm engine restart.

I leave the car over night or a long period, it will start fine and run perfect. However if i stop for a coffee mid journey and restart her up after 5 mins throws the lean on both banks codes, reset the codes runs fine.

My Indy said it could possibly be an ageing MAF and the flow from the new intake is highlighting it.. ie too much cold air passing through too quick when it expects warm less dense air from a warm engine mid run..?

Any other thoughts..?

DTCFRZF P0171 & P0174

Fuel Sys 1 CL
Fuel Sys 2 CL
Load - PCT% 12.5
ETC (F) 19.9

Short FT1% 20.3
Long FT1% 19.5
Short FT2% 17.2
Long FT2% 19.5

FRP ( Psi ) 55.7

MAP ( in Hg ) 12.7

RPM (/Min ) 581

VSS ( MPH ) 1

IAT ( F ) 126

MAF (lb/Min) 0.681

TP% 5.5
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After trying to find a none existent leak, replaced the MAF and several tanks of V Power 100RON later running like a dream.
Did also find a loose ppe from back of charger to a small switch/valve, only a 5mm pipe with a white stripe on looks like a breather/air sample test pipe or something. Runnngstandard fuel and all well, hope that helps someone at some point...!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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