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new jag owner need help

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hi all
i am now a proud owner of a 2001 s type and have a little problem
when changing gear the engine revs sliytly as if you have kept your foot on the laud pedal after changing gears then falls but slowly so a bit jerky when changing gear if reved in neutral it does not fall any quicker (3ltr manual) i have had the car 2 weeks so i know its not me learning to drive it lol the engine management light is on (nothing on the dash computer) had it checked out and its a o2 censor in the exhaust would the censor cause this problem or is something else up with it hope you can help as i love the jag thank you

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may not be the O2 sensor, check for air leaks any where on the induction system, that would cause your problem & stop ther O2 sensor cycling.
Hi it could be the rubber elbow that is under manifold this this is a common problem and if you do a search on site you will find a lot of info on it.
You have to take manifold of to get to it and most people change plugs and coils plus both sets of manifold gaskets when they have manifold of as
its a bit of a pig to get at, and it usually saves you money in the long run if you dont have to take it of again to fix these problems that do go wrong
in older cars.
hi that's gr8 thank you for all your help just one thing tho lol what part am i looking at to replace ie a part number and where can i get the rubber elbow from thank you
gasket XR8005294 2 of them
gasket XR8005398 2 of them
elbow breather XR8045730 1 of them
insulator XR8045062 2 of them
tube vent XR8039224 1 of them
your plugs and coils you should get change back from £170 .00 but not much lol thats if your only changing 3 plugs and 3 coils if doing all 6 add another £120.00 good luck.
I've literally just done mine today, not really sure how long mine had been going for. I managed to change it without removing the manifold but it was bloody fiddly feeding it through esp with a VERY hot engine. Much more responsive now. Easiest way to see its at fault is to start the engine up and give it a wiggle with the engine running, if it changes then its at fault.

But it is probably worth doing the other bits too if you don't know when / if they've been done.
hi checked today and can not hear any air leeks? just so i know what i am looking at is the rubber elbow on the other side the same as the one under the manifold? or somthing else? has any one got a pic just so i know what i am looking at lol this is all new to me
thank you chris
My 3.0 manual was doing this when I bought it some years ago and, like you, I started looking for problems - but I couldn't find any. After a few weeks it went away, but returned for another couple of weeks after I changed the battery. So, I concluded that it is just the computer taking time to learn some parameters after the power has been disconnected.

I think you'll find the revs are always slow to come down when changing gear, maybe this is deliberate to get smoother changes. The revs only fully come down to idle when the car has fully stopped.
Hope you enjoy your car.
thats gr8 info thanks one more thing tho lol i got a obd11 today plugged it in and says that the oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 2 has packed up witch side of the exhaust is it on ie the drivers or passengers as there is two banks would this be the first one from the manifold thank you
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