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New member from Germany.

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As stated above i live in Germany, but i am British.
Just bought my first Jaguar: 2004 X Type 3.0 v6 Executive estate with just over 106,000 Km. Really pleased with the car. Ok, it has a small oil leak, but i saw this before i bought the car, and with help from the Forum, discovered it was not the Transfer box leaking but the sump gasket. Will have this repaired soon.

All the best
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Welcome to the forum Lee. Leaking sump seems to be a common problem, I had mine done when I had my X Type.
Hi Lee. Welcome to the forum. Presently in Frankfurt at the mo working for Lufthansa. :)
Welcome along to the forum :)
Hi Lee, welcome to the forum


Hi Lee,

Welcome to Jaguar ownership, website and forum.
Everyone here is friendly and helpful and some of the usernames here (like TeapotTony and PigletJohn) make me smile.

Tootle Pip.

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Thanks guy's.
Definately feel welcome!
The knowledge of the members here is second to none. Hopefully I will not need a lot of it. But i know if I do, it will be here.
Many thanks
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