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New Member - Just Picked Up My First Jag.

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Thought I'd better say hello and introduce myself.
I bought my first Jag today.
Here's some info on the car:-
Its a 1999 (T Reg) 3.0 S-Type Auto. V.Pale metallic green (seamist?) with oatmeal leather interior.
Its only done 71600 miles from new with full service history and paperwork, (mostly by Jaguar dealerships) - It even has all the original handbooks and leather folder. Also has 12 months MOT, 6 months tax, 4 recent Pirelli P Zero tyres and even had 2/3 tank of fuel!
Bodywork is in super condition, no sign of kerbing on the 17" alloys and interior is in excellent condition also (bar a slight cracking in leather of driver seat bolster (hopefully a bit of leather cream will help) and a small hole in a door speaker cover - (which are about a tenner on ebay)
Everything seems to work - except one - the ajustment toggle button for electric mirrors seems to only have 3 of the 4 directions fully operational. (Hopefully just a faulty switch -again about £20 on ebay)
The car drives beautifully - v. quiet and smooth including the auto box.
It was a private sale and I paid the princely sum of £1600 for it! (that's 'Fiesta' money!)
I did a lot of research into the S-type and the problems they can suffer from (especially the early one's) but hopefully I've bought a good'un (it's only had 3 previous owners the first of which, had the car for nearly 10 years - presumably, if it was a lemon he wouldn't have held onto it for so long.)
Still, time will tell.
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Andy, Welcome to the forum, and enjoy the s-type:D
Hello and welcome :D
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