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Hi Guys, firstly big thanks for the time taken by everyone to post,share their knowledge of buying, repairing and troubleshooting these beautiful cars,this has been invaluable during my quest to find the right car and also during my first few weeks over ownership,
Picked up my xjr from London a few weeks ago,will post some picts as soon as I have got her nice and shiny,struggling to get enough time just now when I do its raining

Not sure but I think it has quite a high spec, Midnight black, Ivory Contrast trim,BEM grey veneer,Factory Tint ,Sat Nav, Premium sound,Tv, Single cd in dash, cd multi changer,dvd multi changer in boot, factory phone,rear multi media screens and controls,Rear sunblind,Adaptive cruise,Heated front screen,Front and rear park aid,Power fold mirrors,de-chromed,20' Sepang alloys.
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Sounds like a beauty! Hello, and welcome to Jag ownership!
Hi. Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you got yourself an absolute beauty. :)
Thanks, been waiting a long time to get the Jag ,believe it or not must be 2/3 years and have been to see a few.This ones a bit older than what I had planned to buy, one of the first x350 its a 2003, 58000 miles. I really struggled to find a decent one with a lowish mileage and it had to be black. Needs a little TLC but on the whole seems to have been quite well looked after. Has a small area of the dreaded paint bubbling at the fuel cap nothing major yet, need to find a body shop with a good history of aluminium body repairs. I have been working my way through the little jobs, problems I knew of when purchased, I have replaced the air con blower module, sticking folding mirrors sorted but cant seem to get them to dip when reverse selected, Rear screens came on, no picture, found a bad connection, working now, very slight vibration through passenger seat and floor,not under braking, doesn't seem to get worse with speed, fingers crossed it might be rear wheels need to be balanced or flat spot on tyre or worst scenario bent alloy, any ideas ?
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I'd go for a wheel balance first off just to eliminate that being the cause of the vibration. As for the auto dip door mirrors mine dont do it either. Reading the manual it appears they were an optional extra. :)
Hi Jerry, agree with you, it will be a wheel balance first and take it from there, its a strange one only a very slight vibration which doesnt fade or increase with change of speed, have tried driving through it up to a road legal 70mph lol, for some reason my front passenger doesn't seem to mind it that much, in fact SHE says its not that bad ,rofl.

Seems to be a bit of a grey area on the dip down function, I have tried several methods of manually trying to input position , I have read somewhere that people have had this function and then lost it after a service or visit to the dealership and needs to be re-programmed by them, in effect they may have switched it off if a software update has been applied.For the moment I have set memory position 3 with mirrors turned down,paranoid i kerb it , Think I will post on the main board see how many x350 have dip down.
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