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New o/side xenon burner not as white as n/side?

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Had to get a new o/s xenon burner fitted a few months ago after the old one went a lovely pink colour!

The new one isn't as white as the n/side burner.

Have been told by several people that new xenons need to 'bed in' and will gradually get whiter and match the other side. I think it is starting to?!

Not a massive problem but I'm a fussy so and so and just wondered if anyone else has found the same after fitting a new burner?


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It could be the older side is starting to fade out, like your other one did before it went pinky! Usually when one side goes the others not far behind it...

Has the new bulb been replaced with the same rating (K) as the other one? They do take time to 'bed' in, after a short while, not to sure how long tho.

Thanks for reply Ryan. I assume its the same rating because it is o/e jag burner.

Nice to know that what i have been told about them 'bedding-in' is correct, cheers mate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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