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New Pet cat

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Hi folks, hope this is ok in this section, but wanted to show of my new car and the XJR forum seems a little quiet.

So today i collected this 98 XJR which is mechanically perfect, just needing a bit of cosmetic loving and a few touch ups.

Still grinning like an idiot :)
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Great car bigdavy!!! Look fantastic!
Welcome to the forum bigdavy, enjoy the Cat and grin like a cheshire:D even in scotland
Thanks for the replies guys.

I'm delighted to be back in a Jag after a few years out the fold. I've had a few in past years and have always wanted another, the car has been very well maintained and drives superbly, so smooth and quiet compared to my last family mpv. I've a bit of cleaning to do as i like my cars spotless and i'll be getting both bumpers painted due to some scuffs. A stereo upgrade for ipod & bluetooth is also on the wish list.
Lovely. I loved my XJR, it made me smile constantly, even when refueling (a lot).

Not sure what you can do with the stereo apart from replace but nobody, to my knowledge, makes an adapter. I think I remember a guy that installed a smart looking double din touch screen and fabricated his own surround, so that may be an option.
Rael, thanks for the comments. Luckily i don't do many miles but as my old diesel did mid 40s to the gallon i'm sure i'll notice the difference!

I'm aware of the stereo issue, but having had a few newer cars with ipod connection and bluetooth connection for the phone i'd really like one. I do like the look of the double din unit but it's a little hard to justify the price when a single din unit which does the same things is less than half the price.
Hi Bigdavy. I like the car. You cant beat an XJR I'm on my second one now and lovin it :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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