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Hi all just got a 2007 x type 2.2 turbo diesel and i have a couple of questions mines has done over 120000 miles. My questions are. 1. Does it always rev high in first n second gear? Also last night the glow plug light came on no eml light i restarted and kept going then same thing again ?
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sorry i can't answer your query but welcome to the forum,they are quite a helpful bunch so i'm sure help will be along soon.
Hello and welcome.

Answer 1: My 2.2D revs depending on how far i press the accelerator pedal in a downward motion. If i bury the pedal into the carpet, it revs rather high! :)
Sorry... Perhaps you could be more specific?

Answer 2: The glow plug light flashing, with or without limp mode can be related to numerous issues - thankfully, usually nothing too serious but can require some detective work. Common issues are...
Dirty/Malfuntioning EGR valve - Solution: Check for function and clean it - see "how to" guides.
Split/loose Turbo intercooler pipes - solution: Check hoses carefully for loose fittings and splits and holes.
Dirty MAF sensor - Solution: Clean MAF sensor with cleaning spray. DO NOT touch the wire with anything whatsoever! (other than cleaning spray)
Faulty Turbo actuator - Solution: Check actuator for full smooth movement and for dry solder joints. (see "how to" guides)
Dirty/faulty Turbo (A faulty turbo is about as serious (costly) as its likely to get but thankfully, very unlikely) Solution: Clean the turbo using something like Forte turbo cleaner added to a tank of premium fuel (Shell V power/Nitro, BP ultimate) and drive 'enthusiastically' whenever possible. If the problem persists, before forking out for a replacement turbo, you may want to consider the 'Mr Muscle oven cleaner method'... Its a bit more of an involved way of cleaning but its waaaay cheaper than a replacement turbo.

As a new Jag owner, you may feel a bit downhearted with these 'serious' issues but trust us!... Our Jags are lovely motors but have a few 'quirks' and once you know them and how to overcome them, im sure you will find owning an X type to be a very satisfying experience.
Keep us posted. :)
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i would check the EGR after the actuator arm movement etc, because its easy to break the EGR if you accidentally get fluid. past the valve seal....(speaking from experience)
Taking it a step further and from someone who has had this happen several times.

First check the actuator arm on the turbo. If you raise the bonnet, standing in the drivers doorway you can start the engine and see the arm. Does it move forward and back when you start the car and then turn it off?

Then (engine off) very carefully remove the "E" clip from the arm at the actuator end. Carefully because it is so easy to drop the clip. It is helpful to have several spare "E" clips just in case. Does the actuator arm move freely when you push/pull it back and forth? If it does, your turbo is probably OK as the variable vanes are moving.

At this stage it is easy to remove the actuator, just three bolts. Again, careful not to drop them. Remove the 6 spring clips and you can see inside the actuator. Check the inside for any "iffy" items. A good spray of contact cleaner will not go amiss on the connectors inside as well as the plug.

Reassemble and see what happens. If you still have a problem it could be one of a number of things from the turbo to the EGR. Unless you are happy messing about with EGRs and skinning your knuckles it may be easier to go to an independent Jag mech and have your codes read on a professional code reader as the cheaper code readers although good for basic faults, will not go down very far into the hierarchy.

Finally, unless you feel flush with cash and want to waste around £80, do not go down the Mr Muscle route as eventually when you have a replacement turbo fitted (around£750) you will have to cough up the £80 extra for the manifold you have drilled out.

Good luck and keep us all informed please.

Going to take it ibto ny mechanic tomorrow and get him to find out what the issue is will update tomorrow.

Thanks for the replies 😁
Hi all just got a 2007 x type 2.2 turbo diesel and i have a couple of questions mines has done over 120000 miles. My questions are. 1. Does it always rev high in first n second gear? ?
Hi and welcome to the forum.
The 2.2 has a 6 speed gearbox and the first two are fairly low geared therefore high revving would be normal. However as its a diesel the power torque is between 1800 and 2200rpm so early changing is the norm. You are just wasting fuel over that.
You should find the power of the 2.2 is really well suited to a light right foot.
I hope this helps.

Welcome to the forum Tamhay. Some information about your model in your signature strip will be found useful to those trying to answer any questions.

The flashing glow plug only indicates a non life threatening malfunction somewhere and the only way to identify it is to read the codes. I suspect that this is the first thing your mechanic will do when you take it in to him. My last glow plug light was a faulty rear wheel speed sensor. Out of all the hundreds of possible things that can happen the only way of finding it was to read the codes and my cheap £30 OBDII reader identified the problem 'just like that'
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