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New XJ engine line up

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Just read a Top Gear report that Jaguar are replacing the 5.0 V8 with a 3.0 V6 Supercharged engine, and that a new turbocharged 2.0 petrol engine will also be available in 2013. They also mention the demise of the 3.0 engine, but as the report comes from the Beijing motor show, I think that probably refers to the V6 Petrol engine the Chinese get in the XJ, and not the 3.0 V6 diesel. Anybody else seen the article??
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the 2.0 engine is a 2.0 ecoboost ford engine, basically the exact same as the new ST with 247bhp, which removes the need for the 3.0L V6 petrol as its more economical, more torque and more powerful. The 5.0L v8, I think is only on special order with the XF now isn't it? The new 3.0L v6 supercharged is coming two different tunes, 335bhp and 375bhp, based on the 5.0L v8 block.
Hi Ian D. Thanks for the info. I'm really interested in the 3.0 Supercharged XJ but it's still a couple of years away. Better performance than the diesel with none of the drawbacks (like DPF), and better fuel economy than the V8. I'll look forward to reading reviews of the engine in the new F-Type. I understand the new 2.0 Ford Ecoboost is a fantastic engine, but in a car the size of the XJ it will probably seem underpowered - the same feeling I got from the 2.2 XF after driving the 3.0 S. Thanks again!
P.S - I also got the impression the 3.0 Supercharged and Ecoboost engines were only going to be available initially in the XJ Ultimate Edition. So, do you think we are likely to have to wait several years for them appear in the standard XJ and XF?
The 5.0 N/A and S/C engines will continue for 13MY alongside the new AJ126 3.0l S/C.
The 3.0 S/C is available with 380PS and 340PS, however only the F-Type will get the 380PS version currently. XF and XJ will get the 340PS.
0-60 is around 5.7 secs in the XF & XJ for the 340PS version...not bad....not sure on MPG figures though.

The V6 engine is really the V8 with two cylinders blanked off.
I should correct myself in saying the 3.0 V6 S/C will replace the 5.0 N/A in the XF in all markets and in the majority of markets for the XJ for 13MY.
Thanks Latebreaker. I agree, it will be interesting to see the 3.0 SC fuel figures. I can't see the 5.0 being replaced in the US 'cos they do like their V8s!!
Its good to see a greater choice of petrol engine, I for one cant or dont fancy having a diesel. I've driven the 3.0L XF S and think they are great engines, but when I compare it to my petrol then I cant quite sign on the dotted line.....of course if in the future my annual mileage goes above 20k....then Diesel all the way!!! :) Or maybe LPG converting my STR or another Jag.

I agree with you that the V6 SC looks like the engine that could answer all our needs :)
I bemoan the loss of two cylinders and their specific soundtrack.

But this is the way of the world just now - smaller, more complex engines, chasing ever more "unattainable in real life" consumption figures.
The 5.0L v8 supercharged will still be in service for a quite a while yet though, it's going to be put into the F-Type and the new XFR-S is rumoured to have 550bhp!
I dont think the Chinese ever imported any Jaguar diesel variants due to poor quality diesel fuel over there if I remember from last year when we visited the XJ plant at Castle Bromwich.
I bemoan the loss of two cylinders and their specific soundtrack.

But this is the way of the world just now - smaller, more complex engines, chasing ever more "unattainable in real life" consumption figures.
The Co2 targets set for auto makers doesnt help either. Let's enjoy the V8's while we can. Well that's my philosophy until we have to drive G-Wiz's :)
Yes - isnt that why Aston Martin sell a rebadged Toyota supermini city car for an extortionate amount that i doubt they will sell any, ever - just to bring their range average CO2 down

tbh my last 3 cars have been deisels and i wouldnt even consider a petrol now
Indeed it is, though I think sales of the Cygnet have not been too bad. Aston seem to sell them as an accessory when a customer buys 'proper' Aston.
You see Jag bringing out the 2.0L petrols and there are also hybrid drivetrains in the pipeline aswell...all to help reduce the average Co2. It only takes the governament to change its policies in the future and all this Co2 work could be for nothing if they choose to tax cars on something else.....Like the number of cupholders :)

I had a diesel and I dont like them TBH, plus I wasnt doing enough miles to justify paying more for diesel aswell the other potential issues...DPF, EGR... though thats for another topic. The modern diesels are great, but I dont like the oil companies taking the mick with the price per litre.
Of course, now we are beginning to read about the fact that the Government's tax take on Fuel Duty is dropping because, guess what, we are buying more fuel-efficient cars!

And what will be their remedy now we are all being good little boys like they told us and are saving the planet? I can't see it being anything other than to increase taxation on motoring. Bring on the revolution.
I drove the AM Cygnet back to back with a standard IQ. The Cygnet is noticeably quicker, and the finish is absolutely stunning. Problem is underneath it's still a Toyota, albeit a very expensive one, and the Aston Grille looks rather silly. Re the price of diesel, I'm not sure it's the petrol companies that have caused the price to rocket above that of unleaded. With the massive increase in the number of diesel cars on the road, I think the government realised there was going to be a significant loss in revenue. I'm not saying the petrol companies don't have their snouts in the trough too, but I reckon if everyone switched to LPG tomorrow, the price would suddenly double to make up the lost revenue. I don't think this government give a stuff about CO2 emissions or energy efficiency. If they did they wouldn't be creating so many hurdles for people who wanted to go with solar power, or building/expanding airports. Notice most of the cabinet drive around in XJ's now, and I suspect they are all armour plated with large petrol engines.
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At least they only have one Jag each..........
Good point, the armoured Jags are saving the planet with 5.0 V8's. If the government can roll around in a V8 then so can I.
Though most of the Royal & Diplomat cars are diesels, Prince Charles X350 was coverted to run on Bio Diesel.... though was probably done to to offset the XFR....:D
I don't know about 1 Jag each. I've seen Cameron climb into at least 3 different coloured XJs recently. They must have a large pool of them. With all the short trips they must be petrol though.
The other coloured Jags Cameron has been using would be non armoured ones. Most of the Royal Family and Government have a fleet of JLR vehicles which are modified to suit.
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