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Newbie from the New Forest

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Good Evening to all here.

Such a wonderful forum for everything one could ever find out about their Jaguar. Must admit that trawling through these last few days has been quite an enlightening experience. Having run a Suzuki Baleno Estate from new (manual) these last 13 years (don't even ask!) having the Jaguar since last August has put my enjoyment back into driving. A two hour hold up on the M3 then sciatica concentrated the mind into having an automatic. I love it! So far Marshalls of Ipswich have been great at solving the "snag" list; supposedly normal, yet cannot fault them with their customer care. As I won't be returning to Ipswich in the near future i have booked her into Poole for a service, as the "service required" has come up on the dash. Will let you know how they have fared.

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Welcome! Can you give us any clues as to which Jaguar has put the enjoyment back into your life? You've gone into great detail about the one you've got rid of! ;)
Morning SCM and thank you for the welcome. She's an X-type 2.2D SE estate in metallic shadow grey. Charcoal leather interior, 6CD auto change and an absolute dream to drive. My bro-in-law who's had Jaguars for over 30 years and did the test drive for me did mention "challenges from other drivers"; so true ! Slowly getting used to the extra power under the bonnet, though can't reverse (even with the girly bleepers) !
Hi. Welcome to the forum. I hope you continue to enjoy the car for many years to come. :)
Thank you Jerry :D, certainly looking forward to that. She's an October 2009 model with lovely touchscreen technology. Bluetooth is a dream, no more adaptors and wires.

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