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Hi folks, just thought I'd introduce myself!
Just recently purchased a 1998 XJR on LPG, I'm new to the world of Jags although I have had a few BMW 7 series's before!
Having a few teething problems with it, but hopefully nothing to serious! Here's a few pics for now...

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Welcome to the forum
Thats one very nice car!
Welcome to the forum, that's a very nice looking XJR I've always liked cream leather:D
Hi Foz. Welcome to the forum. Great looking car. :)
Thanks for the welcome folks!
I see by your location that you are not a milion miles away from Northampton and Santa Pod if you fancy trundling over on the 11th Aug for a meet and a blast down the strip then you are more than welcome. :)
I'd love to come Jerry but it seems the car has devolved a fault. Over the past few days I've been loosing coolant threw the overflow tank to the point where it has emptied itself. I've done a bit of research and decided to buy a new expansion tank cap as this sometimes causes a problem? I do hope it will be a simple fix like that and nothing serious
Surely you can get that fixed by 11th August.The meet isn't until then!
Surely you can get that fixed by 11th August.The meet isn't until then!
I hope so too... but I've been reading horror stories of how people have had the same symptoms and its turned out to be the head gasket!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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