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Nexen N8000

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OK, my xjr still has horrible vibration when driving, had shocks, front vee mounts, all the suspension checked, the cats system checked for any faults, all ok. Been to 3 different dealers and still no luck :(

The last garage asked about the car history, as I've only had this since last September can only go from the service book. This car appears to have been off the road 4 about 3 years before I got it, the tyres are all about half worn. They suspect possibly the tyres may have been flat for that time.

They checked all the tyres and they look OK but as they can't find anything else with the car suspect the tyres are damaged from being flat for so long.

I've got Pirelli tyres fitted, as you know these aren't cheap, and don't really want to have new tyres fitted for nothing, £870 for 4 of them, so been talking too the tyre fitters and he came up with Nexen N8000, £470 which is better, has any one had these fitted to their's if so what do you think of them
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Hi. I've never had Nexen tyres before but if you have had everthing else checked then the tyres are really the next route. You could try on and see if they list them and then read the independant reports on them for things such as breaking in dry and wet conditions/road noise/wear etc etc. :)
Can you not borrow a set of wheels off somebody local I'd offer you a loan of mine but your not in the same area.
I have Nexen winter tyres on my X-Type. They are good. Can't speak for the N8000 but i've has good experience with the brand, if that helps you...
Just a quick queston, the tyre sizes on mine are different front 2 rear, 245/45 r 18 on front 255/45 r 18 on rear, is that normal ?
Factory size is 255/40/18 all round.

Rather than spending all that money on a punt, you'd be better off borrowing a set of wheels and tyres first to see if it sorts it - you're welcome to come down and try mine.
Hi Dan, think I've sent you a pm
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