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Niggly issue - vibration at idle

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Since I've had my car it has always had a slight vibration that comes through the whole car (you can feel it through the seat) when you're sat at idle, either in P or D.

The actual idle of the engine is rock solid - doesn't fluctuate, just sits at a constant RPM. There are also no issues when you're driving along.

If you're sitting still and give it a small amount of throttle to raise the revs to say, 1000RPM, then the vibration goes away.

Where would you start looking to address this? Engine mounts crossed my mind, but I'm not sure if I'd expect it to disappear with more revs, and it certainly doesn't clonk when given the beans...
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Hi. It could be the engine mounts as you have suspected. There is such a thing a natural harmonics when the vibration or note of the engine matches the natural frequency of the car. Before ripping everything apart though just make sure nothing is touching against the body work that shouldn't be and also check out the exhaust and cats to make sure things are good there and you have no loose baffles causing the vibration. :cool:
Oh. I forgot to mention to put a code reader on the car to see if you have a coil breaking down.
Cheers Jerry.

Have checked the codes, nothing reported.

Will have a good poke around at the weekend.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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