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noisy blower motor only comes on at setting 6

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well lads i have a 2001 2.5 xtype,and the heater blower only works on setting 6,but before it starts blowing it whines quite loudly for a couple of minutes and then starts bowing at the highest setting only,also the red led on the a/c button is on and no amount of pressing it will turn it off but at setting 6 when the fan is whining or blowing it turns off any input much appreciated folks.
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While the speed of the blower motor is controlled by the Climate Control Module in Auto Climate cars, in the Manual versions there is a resistor pack with five resistors fitted in series. It could have failed It's mounted adjacent to the blower itself and has a grey 6 way connector plug with six wires, all Black with various colour tracers through them.
Hi astromorg thanks for the answer, it's a manual versio I have no auto settings as far as I know, I only got the car yesterday. So the resistor is behind the glove box beside the blower unit is it easily accessible and any idea of where to get a new one
Go to this site GROWLER JAGUAR PARTS - X Type (New)

You'll see the resistor for manual air con on there.

You need to take the glovebox out plus the felt trim underneath it, and you will need a torch, its fidley but you can get to it ok, If the motor only works on setting 6 it could be the sign the motor needs replacing too, mine sounded like leaves were spinning round the motor before it blew the resistor! I got mine from ebay, took me about a hour to change both.
thanks for the replies lads i'll take a look at it this week if the weather picks up
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