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North Coast 500, NC500

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Last month I did the North Coast 500 in my Jag, 1800 miles in total, What a superb trip, breathtaking scenery, car was flawless.You can check out my trip on my YouTube channel

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Beautiful scenes and excellent work Jomibo.

Many thanks and well done.

Hi John, see it before a few times on FB of course and around lol

NC500 Rocks and is in my back yard, I'm lucky enough to have seen almost every square mile of Scotland and most of the UK as a whole too. I haven't really done too many of the coastal roads thoughts and THAT trip is definitely on my radar, hopefully next year.

Looks like you had a whale of a time way up North amongst us "heathens" lol

Well documented and put together vids John

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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