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Odometer and trip meter spinning when cranking engine...

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Perhaps I'm just unfamiliar with the XJS, but this is a first for me. Everything looks normal up until you turn the ignition to the 3 (START) position. When you do that, the engine cranks over as it should, but for some reason the odometer and trip meter also begin spinning as if you are driving 65mph down the road...
The car does not run currently, so I don't know what will happen when it does run. When the key goes back to the 2 (ON) position, still not running, the meter stops spinning.

I guess my question is, how does the odometer operate on a 1986 XJ-S V12? I'm guessing it's got an electric motor that spins the meter and there may be a wire somewhere there shouldn't be?


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Take out the computer and fit a. It worked on mine.
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