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Do you prefer the old-style or new-style Jaguars?

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Old or new?

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I'm sure this will have been covered a hundred times, but I wanted to find out anyway -

Which do you prefer, the traditionally-styled Jags up to and including the Ford generation, or the new, not-a-bit-retro Ian Callum cars?

Personally, I'm devastated, because unless they do finally come up with something for the young and old fogeys (!) like me, the days of the Jag as a symbol of something very specially British are numbered... I love the old-style looks and find the new cars are really nothing special, even if they are beautiful designs. But they just don't have that extra something that says "Jaguar"...
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I like the new ones, but not as a Jaguar. Right the way up to the X358, you couldn't mistake a Jag for anything else - you saw it and instantly knew it was a Jag from any angle. But with the new ones? They look nice, but a lot of the styling is so generic. For example, the grille with the growler could be mistaken for a Seat if you only caught a glimpse of it, or were looking at it from a distance, in fact a lot of the shape of the car and the lines of it means that I have seen a black Seat at range and thought "Is that an XF?". Similarly the headlights ape the modern BMW styling and the proportions of the car and squat, forward leaning shape could have come from Audi. The back end is very unique but that's all I can really say for them.

I'm not against re-designing Jags, but the least they could have done if they wanted rid of the boxy shape of the Mark X onwards, is go back to a more seductive shape that evoked the E Type or the XK120, or create a new and unique to Jaguar style. Instead the modern XJ seems so similar to it's competition and so similar to everything else. It's really lost it's defiantly old-school, understated British styling.

I can't seem to find good figures, but I did get the impression that the change was to halt a decline in sales. I think those of us with a taste for traditional styling are in a very slim minority. (Personally I'd love a Mark IX. Screw the aerodynamics, the old ones are the best!)
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I think the XF looks a bit similar to a Vauxhall Insignia. I've driven an XF and it was very nice but it wasn't as nice as my 51 plate X308 in my opinion.
I'm deffo for the more original shape Jags. It seems to me as though Jaguar in thier ultimate wisdom have chosen the route of all other manufacturers in appearance. I'm not saying they are bad cars but just look like any other Vauxhall or Toyota you will see on the roads today.
I'd agree with all of the above and always weigh in in favour of the traditional, older styling. Nothing against progress per se, of course - the marque has to evolve and compete with other prestige cars so has to move with the times. However, I believe Jaguar could still have developed a supremely modern and technically advanced new model with the same traditional saloon design format (in the same way that they evolved the X308 into the X350) and still retained their customer base. This new model could have retained class leading features such as the all aluminium body and showcased a range of ultra modern new engines and other technological features.

Point I'm making of course, is that it could have also retained the same traditional body shape concept that gave it the unique Jaguar identity - abeit maybe with some very clever subtle tweaks. NOT just another facelift to the X358. Just don't lose the basic successful recipe.........

Is that making any sense at all?!
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The X300/308 shape for me anyday. To me they will always be the last of the long and low Jags - Anywhere I go the car is universally praised as a good looking car, one chap I know bought an XF to replace his X350 and is now looking for another X350 as he reckons he should never have changed, he said to me "in my old car I felt something, I can't put my finger on it, the car just had something, the XF? well, nice car but it just does not have that something - if that makes sense" yep, it does.
"if that makes sense" yep, it does.
Yep, it does.

I wonder what those of us who use ours as normal daily transport will do when the last of the real Jags are getting a bit too long in the tooth... It'll be back to boring old VAG stuff for me, I suppose. I can't see myself forking out all that money to drive a car that doesn't have that extra something. It may make sense to the accountants, but why alienate your loyal, semi-obsessed followers? If they produced at least one 'real' Jag, probably on the same platform as the XF or XJ so as to keep the costs down, then it'd still sell - and shut us up in the meantime.
I know the old Jags are nice, but truth is, retro doesn't sell anymore, don't want to go the way of Rover! Jaguar have imo the best line up of cars in their range ever, new F-Type coming, the CX-75 Hybrid supercar being built, new models due to be announced next year and they are all selling! They actually made profit last year. Ford couldn't achieve that in all the years they owned them.

The XF grill did get it's inspiration from the first of the XJ's with the rectangle grill, The XF (car of the decade remember) was out before the Vauxhall Insignia, so I doubt Jaguar copied them. The new XJ has the best interior in its class.
Retro might not sell but modernised retro does! BMW have sold a zillion 'new' Minis, VW have done ok selling the 'new' Beetle and Fiat aren't doing so bad with the 'new' Fiat 500 either. I can't see anything wrong with Jaguar creating a modernised but traditional XJ.
But they are all city cars with little engines. Jags have always had large engines, the styling has to appeal with the majority of potential new customers. I just read on sky news that they just have posted record profits of £1.5bn and sold over 314,000 cars. Their best ever! Who needs retro when you sell that many. Show me a large sedan/saloon that is still retro in appearance that is still being produced. Jaguar are moving forward and their designs are selling!
BMWs are still (albeit vaguely) recognisable as BMWs, just like Mercs and Audis which are still clearly recognisable as Mercs and Audis. They sell because they are good cars, and they are resolutely modern but still have some clear, unmistakable design links to the past - BMW in particular, although to be honest, it is getting difficult to tell them apart. I actually can't be bothered to try, as their design and 'atmosphere' does not interest me one little bit. Having said that, I fully understand why Jaguar had to move on, and I see Ian D's point very clearly - but I still wonder if it had to be quite so radical! Ian Callum came out with some typical designer nonsense about "edgy people driving edgy cars" in order to justify his approach - except it doesn't. Jag drivers are not edgy people, and haven't been since perhaps the mid or late 1960s. And he doesn't mean that sort of edgy anyway. As I said, typical arty-farty nonsense.
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I do like the older style Jags and I was going to buy an XJ.I hated the XF and then the XJ as like some have said it doesn`t look like a Jag.But the site of this new Jag still made me turn and watch it and the style has grown on me to the point that I am now the very proud owner of an XF.Some peolpe are allways going to hate the new look like some people said that an X type wasn`t a proper jag.
I must just say that when you arrive somwhere in the XF you still get that feeling that everyone is looking at the car.
The brand new XJ looks phenomenal. If I could buy a new car it would be this one.

My old style XJ looks phenomenal in it's own right as a Jag.

Put simply, one of either would have space on my drive at the same time.

I would use the old XJ at weekends and sunny runs and the new XJ for touring and everyday driving.
One of my favourites is the later model XJS's, especially when I see them in the rich metallic red - I'd love to own a V12 version. I'll always love the X308 and 350 style as well as my late Uncle had one in the 90's when I was about 10, electric sun-roofs and car phones were fascinating when you're 10 :)
However, I'm really taken with the XF too - I love the way air vents open and that button pops up when you start it and I like the outside too. I admit the XJ has had to grow on me though. I like them in white now.

I noticed the other day that the A4, 6 & 8 have exactly the same style - they remind me of Russian Dolls lol. The new 5 series is an improvement on the last dogs dinner but like Audi it's just a 3 series on steriods. C-Class at least has some nice variations, you can choose a sporty look or traditional which I like so they don't all look the same but the E-Class is a bit dull for me now seeing as most you see are all 220 "blue effeciency" models with tiny office chair wheels.
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Always an intersting discussion point this one. For me I would say its a mixture of both edging towards the modern styling. The general stigma of its an old mans car(Not that's a bad thing) is something the current design team are trying to change and IMO have done so successfully.
For me the introduction of X150/X250/X351 has made me want to own a Jaguar. I would of never thought of owning an S Type, but to me the brand is cool and as my budget couldn't stretched towards a modern Jag, I just wanted a Jag to be part of it and hence I got my STR.
I've driven an X350 and all the modern Jags and I think they all have that something special about them which my previous BMW didn't have.

It's about creating a portfolio so the next generation have the same feelings towards the brand as the golden generation shall I say have.

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Having driven both (just had an XF for 4 weeks) and I must say the older Jaguars do it for me. ;)
must put my bit in this thread, im only 34 and bought my x type 2 years ago.ive always wanted a jag but couldnt justify the running cost of the petrol models so hence the 2.0d. for me the traditional styling is best, my favourite looking of the jag range is the x350,hopefully one day ill get the diesel version. the new jaguars xf and xj are beautifull in their own right with superb interiors and really comfy, but have lost the jag look. fair enough i do like the mean look with the new style grill with growler but those led running lights, in my opinion these led running lights should be binned as these are audi styled. jaguars do not come from the continent they are british and shouldnt look like euroboxes. so hence as much as i like the new jags these led running lights have ruined the new cars for me( i hate running lights anway). the only way id ever buy one of these new jags is if the running lights could be turned off. so even the younger generation prefer the traditional styling it wasnt just the older generation.
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Having read all the above comments I have come to the conclusion that the newer XF and XJ are good cars and look fantastic just the way they are and as so have obviously aquired a new area of prospective customers. This has been shown by the shear numbers they have sold and the profits that Jaguar have made. To me the likes of BMW and Audi have tried to retain thier traditional shapes also the likes of Rolls Royce are also instantly reconisable and I just wish along with many others that Jaguar had also kept atleast one in the range that is instantly reconisable as a Jag and nothing else. :)
The XF and new XJ have more wood on show than the models they replaced and all have leather as standard, not all previous Jags had this (e.g. basic X-Type and S-Type). The new XK still has that E-Type style front grill. The XF and new XJ have the XJ series 1 style front grill. The bonnet styling is still there from previous Jags too. There are features in the new Jags from the past, you just got to look hard enough. The running lights are EU law as of 2012, new cars fitted with them must have them on and working.
I'm a little split tbh, depending upon the model type .....

XK - Love the newer design more than the 90's model ..... and I love that shape too.

XJ - Gotta admit, I'm a fan of the older style - i.e. right up to and including the X350 shape. Long bonnet, long boot and low sleek roofline just scream Big Cat Saloon to me !! I have no doubt that the new model is a far superior car allround, with all the new refinements and gadgets, safety features etc etc etc, BUT (and this is it for me), from the side profile, it looks like a little like a hatchback !!! Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful car, and imho, far more striking than offerings from BMW, Mercedes and the like, but it's lost the Jagness that I like !!!

(Disclaimer - this is a personal opinion, and certainly isn't meant to upset or depress any new XJ owners out there)

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