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Older with low miles vs. newer with high miles

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I'm sure that this has been discussed before, I remember seeing a thread on the subject but for the life of me I can't find it here goes....

What's the general consensus on buying older models with low mileage vs. new models with higher mileage?
Assuming of course they have the same spec, or specifically, the spec you are looking for.


I paid well over market price here for my X-Type 18 months ago, basically bought a 2005 model at 2008 prices, because of the low mileage (only 34'000Mi at the time), and I couldn't find the spec & colour-scheme I wanted in the younger cars. Plus the couple of newer models that I did find had >60'000Mi on them, for the same price. They were more expensive purely because of the age.

Now, my XJR, 2004 model, 92'000 miles. Right now there is one for sale in Germany, also black, but a Portfolio (but the seller doesn't seemt aware of that). Also with Sepangs, exact same mileage as mine but a 2007 model. They want 23'000 Euro for it. The price difference from the UK to the continent & RHD vs. LHD not withstanding, it's obvious after looking at other XJR's for sale at the moment, that a newer model even with high miles, commands more money.

This doesn't make sense to me, given that the cars changed very little spec wise over that short period, apart from a few cosmetic things.

OK some things wear regardless of mileage. And rust or corrosion can come at any time.

But what's your opinions on this?
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I prefer the newer Reg with more miles on the clock, i bought a 56 plate STR in excellent conditon wth 73K on the clock 20 months ago for just under a 11K at the time (bargain). The car was previously owned by a business lady from new and the miles accumulated was motorway miles, the car had 7 main dealer rubber stamps. I have spend just under a couple of K getting the car up to scratch, stone dent,small door dent, front lower wishbones, pullies and tensioner, front disc's, pads. Spark plugs which i did my self.
It's your choice really but if i bought an older same car with less miles on the clock, i may have still had to spend money on it.

I aways go for older with the low miles mines 2002 with 30,000 full jag history 1 owner from new but paid £4500 for it 12 months ago and to me it was the bargain of the century :D Once bought a lovely Toyota Celica with high miles but looked really nice 6 months in the engine blew up :( cost £2000 really put me off high miles and foreign cars
Depends, I'd go for a higher mileage newer car myself over a low mile older car, due to the fact I bet the low miler has more than likely has done local trips in its life time, never warming up properly which can cause more problems in the long run. Some owners don't service the lower mileage cars to the manufacturers spec, ie 10k miles or 12 mths, due to them thinking because they haven't done 10k miles they can just run it until it has.The high milers have probably only mainly done motorway miles.
It all depends on a number of factors including

  • How many miles you will be adding each year as this will affect future value
  • If there is any warranty left on the newer/high mileage car
  • Obviously purchase costs also

The reason I bought my 2007 car in 2009 was because of its high mileage (103000 miles) so was cheap, it still had the Jaguar factory unlimited mileage warranty remaining as it was under 3 years old (so mileage wasnt an issue as far as reliability), and I would be putting far less than average miles on the clock so bringing it more inline with the average for the year over time when it comes to be traded/sold.The fact that it was an economical diesel with Sovereign spec in a good colour and was a bonus.
I had the same debate when I bought mine.......based on the budget I had should I go for a 2000/1 XJ with 60,000 miles or an 2003/4 with 90,000+. In the end the most ridiculous opportunity came up to buy a 2001 car with 21,000 on it with full Jaguar history and it was cheaper than all of them. I think I would always err on the side of lower mileage personally, not that I'll ever find another bargain like mine.
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