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Am I in breach of branding if I do this:


Even though my O's are not interlinking... there seems to be an awful lot of threats of litigation over branding issues...
...but does this mean...
...When the ice-cream vendor supplies the young and not so young with a cone of soft serve ice-cream in a cone they will be guilty of 'branding infringements?....
... the traditional cone carefully topped off with its swirl of icecream it certainly closely resembles the archetypal 'olympic torch.' what if it is topped off with a bit of rasperry sauce to give a bit of 'flame like' colour?
... I can picture it now...
... Little Johhny buys an ice-cream from a vendor down at the beach or worse still... near an olympic venue...he runs off holding his prize aloft... when suddenly an officious looking figure looms over him, 'Sorry sonny I'm going to have to confiscate that icecream, it breaks all of the branding legislation put in place for the olympics.'

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