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Orange warning light on cluster 95 XJ6 VDP

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Just got this gorgeous 95 XJ6 and solved the prioblem of blinking lights and gauges by replacing one spark plug coil

But I do not have the owner's manual for this car (yet)

On the top left of the various warning lights I have an orange light with a weird drawing. I it is on but I do not know what this represents is it automatic transmission light or something else ?

I have not driven the car yet as it has to be locally (USA) MOT'd and then I have to get the plates

So I was wondering if someone out there could tell me what that light is and what it could mean when it is on

The "Check engine light" below is on as well

Could this still be due to another bad ignition coil?

Thanks for all your input

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Automatic Transmission Failure light is at top of left (amber) column of lights. I'd suggest you get the JTIS cd rom and work from there. Codes read would help.
Transmission flashing light XJ6 1995 VDP

Hi again,

It seems that the code could be :

P1775: Transmission System MIL Fault

But I have no idea on what this means

So once more your help is most welcome


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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