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Paint and Trim Codes

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Hi Guys,

I've taken a look at the paint/trim code plate in the engine bay, which reads:

Paint: JGE
Trim: AGD

This refers to Sapphire Blue paint with Oatmeal interior from a) what I know about the car, and b) from other posts on here.

However, after the AGD, there is another box with "JM" in it. Any idea what this is ?

I have a two tone interior, where the dash, centre console and armrest lid are slightly darker than the rest of the interior. Does the "JM" refer to this second/darker interior colour by any chance?

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no , the AGD denoted Oatmeal interior with Antelope trim top ,

usually the top of the dash , the top of the door cards , and in my case the top of the centre console and steering wheel in my Sovereign

i think the latter letters refer to the carpet colour.....

possibly , lol

SUPERB!! Antelope!! That's good to know!! I keep searching for a cup-holder armrest as a retro-fit, and now I know what colour to search for!!!!!!! Top man!!!!! (Many Thanks).

So, I wonder what colour carpets JM are .....
Hi there
In response to your Jag trim code query. There is a web site that deals with codes I've used them myself, and can thoroughly recommend them). The web site is Furniture Clinic - Leather Care Cleaner, Furniture Repair & Restoration . Phone number is 08448793691.
I've ordered leather dye from these guys, they are a great help and pointed me in the right direction.
Hope this helps
Thanks Tony - good site !!
Minty...I think you will find the 'JM' refers to the carpets as 'Sable' ;o)

Thanks Jagman!!
Hi Minty my jag saphire blue colour code is "JHE" I'v just painted the rear bumper on mine after a dent reversed its way into my pain!!

I have a blue XJR from1998 with pant code JJH. Does anyone know what colour this is as I can't find it on any of charts on the web..

That looks like Antigua Blue but, the code for that is JHH (I think).
Well, the closest I have come up with these colours is:
JGZ - Antigue Metallic
JGZ - Antigua Metallic

JHH - Antigue Metallic
JHH - Antigua Metallic

The differences with these I think is the year because they are slightly different shades.
I found this out when parked to an 1999 XJ* Sports with Sapphire Metallic.
Mine is JHE being a 1998 Sovereign and his is JGE and untill you park side by side you can notice the difference.

Regards other colours, I have come up with the following:

JGE - Sapphire Metallic
JHE - Sapphire metallic
I think with extrenal colours you must go with the letters of the colour codes as there are different shades
of the same colour which can be confusing.

Interior Colours:

AGD - Oatmeal
AGE - Antelope
AGK - Antelope over Oatmeal
AEK - Sable

Then there are different codes again when there is piping involved.

My own '98 4.0 litre Sovereign is listed thus:

JGE - Sapphire Metallic
AGD - EN - Antelope over Oatmeal interior....the EN I am assuming is code
for Antelope when used in conjunction with Oatmeal.
AEK - Sable carpets and over rugs.

Still doesn't explain the 'JM' after the interior colour designation ;o]
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Information I've seen has JGZ as the solvent code and JHH as the waterborne code for Antigua (after those nasty solvents were banned), likewise for Sapphire.
Ah soooo...that's where the difference lays ;o))
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