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Parking Aid Module

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Hi, hope you can help.
I have a faulty Parking Aid Module. (Water Damage)
I have front and rear parking sensors fitted as standard.
The details on the original module are:

27 01 08N/2/11/37.

I was able to get a module s/h and the only difference was the first line of letters and numbers ended with Bf as opposed to my Bg.
I found that the rear sensors work fine, but not the front, and if i push the button in the roof the rear sensors switch off.
I contacted a few Jag dealers for a price for a new one, they all come in at around £143+VAT. However, one of the dealers says that i have to have the car/module programmed in at a cost of around £50.
Strange how none of the other dealers mentioned this.
Can anyone advise if this is correct.
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There are a number of rear park modules depending on your cars VIN range (whenever querying a part always add your cars MY or better still last 6 of your VIN AND add it it to your sig to save being asked and saves time)
I retrofitted a Jag reverse park kit when I had my 2002 X Type and ended up with the wrong module (different connectors and distance between the mounting holes).Eventually got a new one (£50 at the time) and it was just plug and play.
None of the numbers you list show the short Jaguar part code most often used which will start C2Sxxxxx or C2Cxxxx
If you can get it from the dealer by giving them the long Jaguar part number (4X43-15K866-BG) which they can cross reference you can use google to see if any used or others for sale.Only the short part numbers are shown on my copy of the EPC, (easier to google and look up with dealers and online)
It sounds (no pun intended) like you have the wrong module if only the rears are working
From VIN J39906 the number you need is C2S50877
From VIN D55342 to VIN J39305 the number you need is C2S43316
No front park aid prior to D55342
It is shown as a programmed unit but I would try plugging in first to see if its an already (pre)programmed module
Thanks for the info.
The car is


2.2 DIESEL. 2008

VIN: SAJAH54139J41239
As said add the last 6 of your VIN or cars model year (and that its an estate) to your signature/profile or MY
Only the last 6 digits are applicable to getting the correct parts
Just been delving a little more and it seems the part number C2S50877 for yours has superceeded since 2009 to C2S51768.If correct (easily checked with any dealer) you have 2 numbers to google
Thanks very much.
PS have amended my sig. hopefully it's ok.

I have thee same problem, fronts working rears not, i thought mine might be a faulty module located in the boot. If you have a good indie their software will determine if its the module or not. In my case its the rear outer sensor that causing my rears to fail. The jag mechanic just touched mine with his finger and could detect a slight static pulse.
The modules are expensive and i was told by my indie they need to be reprogrammed, i would look on ebay first.

Cheers Gos
I see you have this problem with your estate. I had the same with the spare wheel well filling up with water and damaging the park aid module. Just a tip to prevent the same happening again, I lifted one of the plastic drain plugs under the spare wheel just enough to allow any water ingress to escape.
That doesn't fix the cause though.
No it doesn't fix the cause. Although i have lifted a plug to stop any further ingress.
I've been trying to get Jaguar to confirm that a new module will need to be programmed. (waiting for them to get back to me).
My module did indeed suffer water damage, when i took it apart, the circuit board was a mess. Most of the tracks blown away.
The second hand one i bought, (details above) came off an Aston Martin, (although it's a Jaguar part) works the rear sensors fine, but not activating the front.
I'm beginning to wonder, if the modules have to be programmed to each car, as has been suggested, could it be that the Aston one only needs to be programmed to my car.
As i said earlier, there is only one letter different on the new module to my old one.
It might be just one for the rears unless the Aston also had fronts, the last letter could make the difference as its a different letter for a reason, either a different module than what you need or a superceeded one or both
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