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Parking sensor problem

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Suddenly at traffic lights I heard a single beep (about 3 seconds) and then a red LED came on at the front parking aid switch in the centre top console. Then I got home and found the parking sensors (front and rear) were not working and pressing the front aid switch did nothing, i.e. I couldn't get the LED to come off. This morning still no parking aids beeping as I pulled out the drive, but I find as I was under way, I could switch the LED off and lo and behold, both front and rear aids worked when I got to my destination. Later on, pulling out of the parking space, another 3 second single beep and same again, couldn't switch the LED off until the car was moving.

Any help guys most appreciated.
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Sounds like you have one sensor playing up. Check the N/S rear as this is the one that gets all the muck from the rear wheel moreso than the O/S as the road is cleaner than the kerb side.

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