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Passenger side window vent

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Anyone know the part number for the passenger side window vent mounted in the dashpad? My one decided to eject itself today and won't go back in as a locking tang has broken.:confused:
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You mean the little vent with the adjustable slats and the wheel to control air flow? I'll have a look at the EPC tonight when I get home but if you email Steve at [email protected] and describe what you need I'm sure he'll have one available, I usually try him first for bits and pieces like that.
No it's the small round/oval one, not adjustable, that directs air to the passenger window and is embedded in the dashpad leather. I'll email cotswold as suggested, thanks for the contact.
Ah I see. Just checked the EPC, the only section I can find a diagram for (the one for the main dash facia) shows those vents but doesn't show a specific part number. Hopefully Cotswold have something for you?
No joy at Cotswold, the search begins.
Did you ever find a source for these parts Shmee? My driver's side one has parted ways with the rest of the dashboard as of this evening. There's a part number, 6W83-04320-A stamped on the back but as far as I can make out that refers to the entire dash assembly, not just one of these grille trims...
Been trying everywhere, no luck, even breakers won't sell them off individually which is annoying when its pretty obvious they won't be selling the dash. Cant find a part number for the life of me. Mines stuck back in with thick double sided tape at the moment.
Hmm, that's a shame. I did see a part number on the back of mine, it's 6W83-04320-A, that's for the driver's side one - yours probably ends with a B (-A parts are for one side and -B parts for the other. I searched Google last night though and I'm not sure but it looks like that part may refer to the whole dash assembly. I'll get the feelers out, is yours the same colour as your interior? If I find one for the passenger side in your colour I'll let you know.
Remove other one, scan, flip and 3D print?

Or just glue the original in?
I'll keep trying and if I find a pair will get both my dashpad is the std charcoal black, and do likewise 8Bit.
Considered 3d printing but the tape/decoupage pad is holding well, just need to be careful cleaning not to rip it out again.
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