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Petrol Pumps - Removed From Tank

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Hi guys, .... I did this job about 4 weeks ago and thought it might be some use to anyone that needs to replace these pumps (seems to be a common fault with the XJR's).

In case you don't know what my problems were to start with, .... In a nutshell, I was flooring it (like you do) and my rev's wern't going above 4,000rpm! The car was jerking all over the place and it was clearly petrol starvation. I had read & read articles on fitting new pumps and everyone that wrote about it was saying that the hardest part of this job was getting to the 2 petrol pipes under the car (above the rear axle).

Okay, ... I put my car on axle stands and could only JUST see the pipes, let alone pull them out with a special tool ...!! So I removed the 8 or 9 bolts securing the rear axle and slowly lowered it so that I could gain access. Even though it was still a pain to get to them I realised that there was flex (rubber) on each pipe. Here is a nice picture of the 2 pipes you have to deal with:

Any way, ... Looking at those pipes, I realised that they wasn't in danger of hitting anything if I decided to move the petrol tank forward in the boot to gain access to removing the 2 pumps. So that's exactly what I did!! I removed the 2 straps, a few pipes hear and there and got inside the boot, both hands rocking the whole tank and pulled it forward, just enough to get access. Looked again under the car and the pipes were no where near scraping up against anything and there was still a little play in the pipes, hence I never had to remove them at all.

Here is a view from the boot side and clear access to get to the pumps:

Upon removing the pumps (bit of a pain as my hands were working in petrol, even though I thought it was empty), I noticed that the plugs on the pumps were completely different to the one's I bought from Jaguar | Land Rover spare parts at British Parts UK so if your buying aftermarket pumps like I did, then be prepared to do a little bit of soldering. It's no big deal for me, but some of you might not want to do this!

Here is a picture of the 2 pumps removed:

Continued ...............
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And here is a picture of the new pump with the old plug/wiring all sorted and ready to fit:

As you can see, ... Filter is slightly smaller but no big deal.

Hope this may help someone here or give them a little confidence in doing this job yourself and save yourself lots of money by doing so ;-)
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So how's it running?
So how's it running?
Running beautiful Sean, .... Never had so much power in a car, so i'm now getting all the benifits of the XJR ;-) .... Flooring it at 70mph is just a ''WOW'' factor, few secs later your hitting 120mph, it's like a rush lol ;-)
Well done Dave, great write up, I hope the Mods make this a sticky:D
Well done Dave, great write up, I hope the Mods make this a sticky:D
Thanks Barney, just a shame I never got more pictures ;-(
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